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For Britain, Quitting the E.U.’s Market May Be a Tough Sell

France Begins to Clear ‘Jungle’ Migrant Camp Outside Calais

Faulting Term Limit, South Korean Leader Proposes Revising Constitution

What Wives Want: To Keep Their Names. What Courts Call Them: Scofflaws.

Tom Hayden, Civil Rights and Antiwar Activist Turned Lawmaker, Dies at 76

Why the Justice Dept. Will Have Far Fewer Watchdogs in Polling Places

Black Democrats to Hillary Clinton: Send Money to Take Congress

Election May Be a Turning Point for Legal Marijuana

Wall St. Is Upbeat on Corporate Deals

New York Times Company Buys The Wirecutter

AT&T and Time Warner Seek to Mollify Deal’s Critics

Time Warner’s Non-Mogul Mogul Who Foretold Its Worth

How to Design Your Own Postage Stamps

Gordon Hamilton, Climate Scientist, Dies at 50 in Antarctica Accident

As Artificial Intelligence Evolves, So Does Its Criminal Potential

Want to make your own app? There are free classes for that

Six New Thrillers for Fall

Why Are Americans So Anxious?

Ties in N.F.L. Are Rarer Now, but Still Unsatisfying

Venezuelan Democracy in Limbo


Explosion Batters Neighborhood in China, Killing 10 and Wounding Dozens

Turkey’s Push to Join Battle for Mosul Inflames Tension With Iraq

In Russia’s ‘Frozen Zone,’ a Creeping Border With Georgia

Germany Confronts, in Unique Exhibit, Its ‘Holocaust of the Bullets’

Tough Stand by India’s Modi on Militants Raises Risks With Pakistan

Galaxy Note 7 Recall Dismays South Korea, the ‘Republic of Samsung’

A Traveler’s Guide to Customs: When to Shake Hands, Hug or Kiss

Barred From U.N. Work, Russian Contractors Are Back, Airdropping Aid in Syria

Aleppo Is a ‘Slaughterhouse,’ Says U.N. Official Seeking War Crimes Inquiry

How Has Your Life as a Saudi Woman Changed?

Flee or Stay? For Mosul Residents, Both Choices Are Risky

ISIS Fighters in Iraq Attack Kirkuk, Diverting Attention From Mosul

Russian Carrier Is Bound for Syria, Flexing Muscle but Risking Malfunction

‘I Am Alone’: Migrant Children in Calais ‘Jungle’ Face an Uncertain Fate

50 Years On, Wales Honors Those Buried Alive in Aberfan

Chinese TV Serves Up Lavish Living, With a Side of Shame

Sweet-Toothed Egypt Endures a Sugar Crisis: ‘People Are Going to Snap’

Wife of American Detained in Yemen Publicly Calls for Release

Wary of Russian Guarantees, Residents Stay Put in War-Torn Aleppo

Kurdish Forces Open Attack on Mosul From the North

Spanish Court Overturns a Ban Against Bullfighting

Continental Divides: How E.U. Leaders Might Wield Post-Brexit Power

Thousands of Men to Be Pardoned for Gay Sex, Once a Crime in Britain

‘Brexit,’ Migration, Trade: E.U.’s List of Crises Keeps Growing

Rodrigo Duterte and Xi Jinping Agree to Reopen South China Sea Talks

Wonder Woman Faces Challenge at U.N.: A Recall Petition

Warrant for Mexican Ex-Official, Now on the Run, Is Seen as a Step in Graft Fight

Las Vegas, Known for Excess, Was Perfect Backdrop for Presidential Debate

Rosemary and Time: Does This Italian Hamlet Have a Recipe for Long Life?

As New Ukraine Talks Begin, What Is the State of Europe’s Only Active War?

Siberian Town Stakes a Claim as Humanity’s Cradle

Russian Hacker, Wanted by F.B.I., Is Arrested in Prague, Czechs Say

Nazi Sympathizer in Germany Shoots 4 Police Officers

5 Days After Failed Missile Test by North Korea, Another Failure

Bollywood Becomes India and Pakistan’s Latest Battleground

A Haitian Warlord Meets His Match: Hurricane Matthew

How Donald Trump Hacked the Politics of Foreign Policy

A Rape and Murder Prompts Thousands of Argentine Women to Protest

Congolese Politician, Imprisoned for War Crimes, Is Convicted of Witness Tampering

Short-Term Cease-Fire in Yemen Appears Likely

Russia and Syria Pause Bombardment of Rebel-Held Parts of Aleppo

Saudi Arabia Executes a Prince Convicted in a Fatal Shooting

Retaking Mosul From ISIS May Pale to What Comes Next

After Losses in Syria and Iraq, ISIS Moves the Goal Posts

Ecuador Says It Still Backs Assange, but WikiLeaks Says It Cut His Internet

Crown Prince of Thailand Is Close to Ascending Throne, Junta Chief Says

Tehran Sentences Iranian-American Businessman to 10 Years, Report Says

Monopoly Tournament in Nigeria Mirrors Chaos of the Real-Life Property Market

How Do You Hail a Tractor in India? All It Takes Is a Few Taps on Your Phone

A Senior Russian Envoy’s Take on Relations With the United States: ‘Pretty Bad’

The Advance Toward Mosul: Traps, Smoke Screens and Suicide Bombers

Assault on Aleppo Will Halt for 8 Hours, Russia Says

British Bank Abruptly Drops Russian Network RT’s Accounts

Fire Sweeps Through Hospital in India

Sympathetic Canadians Have a Message for Americans: You Guys Are Great

“It is our house that God created when we most needed it,” said one of the hundreds of villagers who fled into caves as Hurricane Matthew destroyed their homes.

Daunting Questions Lurk Beneath Israel’s Quarrel With Rights Group

Kurdish Troops Advance on ISIS-Held Villages East of Mosul

Iraqi Forces Attack Mosul, Seeking to Dislodge Islamic State

Without a Constitution, ‘Brexit’ Is Guided by a Prerogative. But Whose?

China Astronauts to Attempt Nation’s Longest Space Mission

Nicaragua Dispute Over Indigenous Land Erupts in Wave of Killings

21 Chibok Schoolgirls, Reuniting With Parents, Tell of Boko Haram Slavery

Rise of Saudi Prince Shatters Decades of Royal Tradition

New Syria Talks End Quickly, Giving Little Hope to a Beleaguered Aleppo

Saudi-Led Coalition Says It Bombed Yemen Funeral Based on False Information

Killing of Migrant Forces France to Confront Treatment of Chinese

New Test of North Korean Missile Fails, South Says

Gunmen Kidnap American Aid Worker in Niger and Kill 2

Donald Trump and the G.O.P.: The Party of Lincoln, Reagan and, Perhaps, Extinction

In Somalia, U.S. Escalates a Shadow War

On London’s Fleet Street, the Presses Have Stopped for Good

Jordan Tones Down Textbooks’ Islamic Content, and Tempers Rise

Berlin, 1945; Grozny, 2000; Aleppo, 2016

Thailand Looks to Likely Future King With Apprehension

Nicolás Maduro Flexes New Budgetary Muscles in Venezuela

Obama, Cementing New Ties With Cuba, Lifts Limits on Cigars and Rum

The disease is stalking the areas gutted by Hurricane Matthew on a remote stretch of the country’s southern peninsula.

Nations, Fighting Powerful Refrigerant That Warms Planet, Reach Landmark Deal

Yemen Sees U.S. Strikes as Evidence of Hidden Hand Behind Saudi Air War

Low crude prices and the war in Yemen have sent a shock through the kingdom’s budget and forced it to revise its social contract even as it seeks to diversify its businesses.

Israeli President Hosts Quiet Meeting of Muslim and Jewish Leaders

Facing ‘Brexit,’ Lawmakers Ask How to ‘Make Britain Great Again’

Dutch Law Would Allow Assisted Suicide for Healthy Older People

‘True Scale’ of India’s Tuberculosis Problem: 2.8 Million New Cases

What the Death of Thailand’s King Means, and What’s Next

‘The Greatest Loss and Despair’: Thais Mourn Their King

King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand Dies at 88; Reigned 70 Years

Rodrigo Duterte, Scorned Abroad, Remains Popular in the Philippines

Methamphetamine Abuse Colors Politics in the Philippines

Xi Jinping Reminds China’s State Companies of Who’s the Boss

Boko Haram Releases 21 Girls Kidnapped From School in Chibok, Nigeria Says

Yemeni Rebels Target a U.S. Warship Again, Pentagon Says

Russia and United States to Host New Diplomatic Meeting on Syria

A New Weapon in Russia’s Arsenal, and It’s Inflatable

Violence Mounts in Restive Myanmar State, Leaving a Dozen Dead

Emerging Climate Accord Could Push A/C Out of Sweltering India’s Reach

Afghan Forces, Their Numbers Dwindling Sharply, Face a Resurgent Taliban

U.N. Picks Powerful Feminist (Wonder Woman) for Visible Job (Mascot)

What Do I Tell My Children in a War Zone?

Israel’s Defense Minister Offers Little New Action to Back Up Tough Talk

Pentagon Confronts a New Threat From ISIS: Exploding Drones

Iran Wins a Big Game, but Cheering Is Out of Bounds

Refugee’s Capture in Germany Is Said to Thwart Terrorist Attack

‘Clown Hysteria’ Spreads to Britain

The United States subjected Suleiman Abdullah Salim to harsh tactics in a secret prison and held him without charge for years. He was found not to be a terrorist threat, but he pays a deep price to this day.

Vietnam Arrests Mother Mushroom, a Top Blogger, for Criticizing Government

Trump’s Threat to Jail Clinton Erodes Democracy, Experts Say

When You Have to Go, Japanese Rest Stops Won’t Keep You Waiting

Nadia Murad, Yazidi Woman Who Survived ISIS Captivity, Wins Human Rights Prize

ISIS Media Output Drops as Military Pressure Rises, Report Says

Warming Relations in Person, Putin and Erdogan Revive Pipeline Deal

Syrian Feared to Be Planning Bombing Is Arrested in Germany

With Its Tourists Behaving Badly, China Embarks on Some Soul-Searching

A Haitian City Was Finally Prospering. Then Came Hurricane Matthew.

With Colombia’s Peace Deal in Doubt, a Battered Town Fears a Return to War

Ex-President of Brazil Faces New Corruption Charges

Women, Children and Razor Wire: Inside a Compound for Boko Haram Families

A Roar at a Funeral, and Yemen’s War Is Altered

U.S. Navy Ship Comes Under Fire Near Yemen

2 Israelis Are Killed by Palestinian Gunman in Jerusalem

Pope Francis Names 17 New Cardinals, Including 3 Americans

Behind Duterte’s Bluster, a Philippine Shift Away From the U.S.

On Their Own, Afghan Forces Strain to Combat Taliban Offensives

Taking Over a Hong Kong Street for Pleasure, Not Protest

Donald Trump’s Loyalists Aren’t Fleeing the Latest Storm

Saudi-Led Airstrikes Blamed for Massacre at Funeral in Yemen

Sign of Thaw With Iran: American Cellphones Ringing in Tehran

Kurdish Politician Who Vanished in Turkey Turns Up in Iraq

Beatings, sleep deprivation, menacing and other brutal tactics have led to persistent mental health problems among detainees held in secret C.I.A. prisons and at Guantánamo.

Showing How Art Critical of Malaysian Premier Thrived During His Rule

Centuries of Buddhist Tradition Make Room for Bhutan’s First Law School

Seeing ‘Nothing to Live For’ as Haiti Seeks a Body Count After Hurricane Matthew

Seeing ‘Nothing to Live For’ as Haiti Seeks a Body Count After Hurricane Matthew

Colombian Opposition to Peace Deal Feeds Off Gay Rights Backlash

You Say ‘Anguria,’ I Say ‘Cocomero’: Italy’s Many Dialects

Peace Prize Seen Not Necessarily for Achievements, but Hopes

In Splintered Georgia, 200 Political Parties Find Unity Against Russia

For Britain’s ‘Brexit’ Bunch, the Party Just Ended

Third Piece of Debris Confirmed to Be From Missing Malaysian Jet

China Seeks Tighter Grip in Wake of a Religious Revival

Voices From a Worsening Afghan War

Colombia’s President, Juan Manuel Santos, Is Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Toll Rises by Hour in Haiti Amid Ruin Left by Hurricane Matthew

After Hurricane Matthew, Devastation in Southern Haiti

A General’s New Mission: Leading a Charge Against PTSD

World’s Oldest Man, After Century Wait, Celebrates Bar Mitzvah at Last

An outpost on privately owned Palestinian land must be dismantled, Israel’s Supreme Court says, but residents and their supporters plan to resist.

In Fight for Aleppo, Tangled Alliances Add to Chaos

Amid Hills of Wine and Truffles, a Mission to Give Fungus Room to Breathe

Archaeological Victims of ISIS Rise Again, as Replicas in Rome

Poland Steps Back From Stricter Anti-Abortion Law

Early Book Praising Hitler May Have Been Written by Hitler

Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechen Strongman, Criticized Over Televised Child Fights

Pakistan Toughens Laws on Rape and ‘Honor Killings’ of Women

Myanmar Gives Tourist Who Pulled Plug on Buddhist Chants 3 Months in Prison

Haiti Says Nearly 300 Died in Hurricane Matthew

António Guterres Pledges to Help Vulnerable as Secretary General

In Senegal, Absolution Comes With a Wing and a Prayer

United States Castigates Israel Over Settlement Plan

Israel Halts Yacht Trying to Break Its Blockade of Gaza Strip

Theresa May, British Premier, Urges Conservatives to Claim ‘New Center Ground’

2 Brussels Police Officers Are Knifed in ‘a Potential Terrorist Attack’

Panti Bliss, Ireland’s Queen of Drag, Expands Her Kingdom

What a photographer saw when a rescue vessel went into action off the Libyan coast.

Call Centers in India Posed as I.R.S. to Cheat U.S. Taxpayers, Authorities Say

As China Strikes Deals, U.S. Considers Expanding Foreign Reviews

Bangladesh Siege Recalled in Militant’s Words, and From Beyond the Grave

Afghanistan and E.U. Strike Deal to Send Asylum Seekers Home

A Museum About Rights, and a Legacy of Uncomfortable Canadian Truths

Hurricane Matthew: Photos of the Destruction in Haiti

Security Council Backs António Guterres to Be Next U.N. Secretary General

U.S. Election Cycle Offers Kremlin a Window of Opportunity in Syria

As Bugs Come for Its Mulberry Trees, a City Wraps Itself in Flypaper

John Kerry Criticizes Russia, Saying It ‘Turned a Blind Eye’ on Syria

German Prosecutors Side With Satire, Not Turkish President

‘Glass Cliff,’ Not Just Ceiling, Often Impedes Women Rising in Politics

A French Underground Railroad, Moving African Migrants

Australians Arrested in Malaysia After Stripping to Briefs at Grand Prix

Trinh Thi Ngo, Broadcaster Called ‘Hanoi Hannah’ in Vietnam War, Dies

Joshua Wong, Pro-Democracy Leader in Hong Kong, Is Detained in Bangkok

Xi Jinping May Delay Picking China’s Next Leader, Stoking Speculation

Chinese Tourists Take to the Road in Record Numbers for Golden Week

Afghan Forces Report Gains in Kunduz After Push by Taliban

Hurricane Matthew Pummels Haiti With Fierce Winds and Rain

Haiti, a Land All Too Familiar With Natural Disasters

Colombia and ‘Brexit’ Show Why a Referendum Can Be Dangerous

U.S. Suspends Talks With Russia on Syria

Jason Rezaian, Washington Post Reporter, Sues Iran Over Imprisonment

Russia Withdraws From Plutonium Disposal Treaty

Protesters in Poland Rally Against Proposal for Total Abortion Ban

Kim Kardashian Is Tied Up in $9 Million Jewelry Heist, French Officials Say

Britain, Seeking to Mitigate ‘Brexit’ Turbulence, Hints at Economic Shift

What’s Clogging Jakarta’s Waterways? You Name It

Outrage Over Fish Kill in Vietnam Simmers 6 Months Later

Taliban Fighters Again Enter Northern Afghan City of Kunduz

Montreal Bans New Ownership of Pit Bulls After Fatal Mauling

Is Leftist Era Fading in Latin America? Ask Colombia and Brazil

Hurricane Matthew, Closing In on Haiti, Could Be ‘Catastrophic’

Deep Scars and Complacency Defeated Colombia’s Peace Deal

For Mahmoud Abbas, a Gesture. For Critics, a Betrayal.

Jeroen Oerlemans, Dutch Journalist, Is Killed by ISIS Sniper in Libya

Spaniards, Exhausted by Politics, Warm to Life Without a Government

Hungary Votes Against Migrants, but Too Few to Clear Threshold

‘Brexit’ Talks Will Start by End of March, Theresa May Says

Colombia Peace Deal Headed to Defeat, Causing Shock and Uncertainty

Pope Francis Notes Azerbaijan’s Religious Tolerance, Not Rights Abuses

Fate Catches Up to a Cultural Revolution Museum in China

Robert Mugabe Seizes on the Latest Political Threat to His Zimbabwe: WhatsApp

Why Some Wars (Like Syria’s) Get More Attention Than Others (Like Yemen’s)

Women’s Emergence as Terrorists in France Points to Shift in ISIS Gender Roles

Spain’s Socialists Oust Party Leader in Bid to End Deadlock

In Kashmir, Pakistan Questions India’s ‘Surgical Strikes’ on Militants

At a Loss for Meds, Venezuela’s Mentally Ill Spiral Downward

Jamaica, Long Opposed to Marijuana, Now Wants to Cash In on It

Inside Venezuela’s Crumbling Mental Hospitals

Shimon Peres Funeral Brings Together Allies and Rivals in Mourning

At Shimon Peres Funeral, a Lineup of U.S. and Israeli Leaders Who Tangled

Week of Attacks in Eastern Aleppo Killed 338, W.H.O. Says

Duterte, Citing Hitler, Says He Wants to Kill 3 Million Addicts in Philippines

U.S. Lawmakers Urge Greater Scrutiny of Chinese Corporate Purchases

Colombia’s 52-Year War Is Ending. Now Comes the Hard Part.

Russia Rejects U.S. Demands for Resumption of Syria Cease-Fire

Mahmoud Abbas to Attend Shimon Peres Funeral, but Thaw With Israel Is Unlikely

Angered by 9/11 Victims Law, Saudis Rethink U.S. Alliance

It’s No Cold War, but Vladimir Putin Relishes His Role as Disrupter

Antigraft Law Stirs Up Wariness Over South Koreans Bearing Gifts

North Korean Soldier Crosses DMZ to Defect, South Says

India Claims ‘Surgical Strikes’ in Pakistani-Controlled Kashmir

Duterte, Philippine President, Raises Doubts About Military Alliance With U.S.

American Airstrike Killed Afghan Civilians, U.N. Says

Haitian Men Cut Off From Families as U.S. Hardens Visa Rules

U.S. Threatens to End Syria Talks With Russia if Aleppo Bombings Continue

Obama and Bill Clinton to Travel to Israel to Honor Shimon Peres

Russia’s Brutal Bombing of Aleppo May Be Calculated, and It May Be Working

U.S. to Send 600 More Troops to Iraq to Help Retake Mosul From ISIS

Life Without Shimon Peres? In Many Ways, His Israel Faded Long Ago

A Bomb Shatters an Aleppo Building, and Videos Capture the Rescue Minute by Minute

Under Pressure, Amnesty International Cancels Briefing on Torture in Thailand

Russia Implicated in Shooting Down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Over Ukraine

Parsing What Makes a Trump Supporter Tick

After Mudslides and Flooding in Iceland, Elves Are Suspects

World Leaders Issue Emotional Tributes to Shimon Peres

Why Are So Many Children Dying in Aleppo?

Shimon Peres Dies at 93; Built Up Israel’s Defense and Sought Peace

Behind the Scenes With Shimon Peres

Syrian Ground Troops Clash With Rebels in Aleppo

A Voice Cuts Through, and Adds to, the Intrigue of Russia’s Cyberattacks

Woman Who Took Husband’s Intestine on Flight Wanted It Tested, Lawyer Says

Extremist Gets 9-Year Sentence Over Destroyed Shrines in Timbuktu

Women Petition U.N. Leader to Seek Korean Peace Treaty

U.S. Says Chinese Executive Helped North Korea Dodge Sanctions

U.S.-Backed Effort to Fight Afghan Corruption Is a Near-Total Failure, Audit Finds

Concern as Venezuela Refuses to Accept Aid

Brazilian Politics Smother a Film’s Oscar Ambitions

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Wiener Nougat

Decline in Oil Prices Lands on Government Workers as Saudi Arabia Cuts Paychecks

Syrian and Russian Forces Pound Aleppo With ‘Dozens of Raids’

Inside France’s ‘Jungle’: Desperate Migrants Keep Coming to Calais

Iran Releases Homa Hoodfar, a Canadian-Iranian Professor Held Since June

To the Moon, North Korea? Or Does a Rocket Have a Darker Aim?

For South Koreans, a Long Detour to Their Holy Mountain

After Five Decades of War, Colombia Signs Peace Agreement With Rebels

Vitriol Overpowers Diplomacy as U.N. Meets Hastily on Syria

Jordanian Writer Is Fatally Shot

Russia, Jailer of Local Separatists, Welcomes Foreign Secessionists

Plan to Let Migrant Children Attend School Enrages Many Greeks

China Hunts for Scientific Glory, and Aliens, With New Telescope

Activist in South Korea Dies of Injuries From Police Water Cannon

Two Years After a Night of Horror, Mexican Students Seek Answers

Syrian Forces Tighten Siege of Rebel-Held Areas in Aleppo

Home Teams Are Israeli, but Turf Is in West Bank

‘From Paradise to Hell’: How an Aid Convoy in Syria Was Blown Apart

Jeremy Corbyn Is Re-Elected as Leader of Britain’s Labour Party

Prospect of Philippine Thaw Slows China’s Plans in South China Sea

Chinese Jews of Ancient Lineage Huddle Under Pressure

Rural Indian Girls Chase Big-City Dreams

Australia Is Not as Down Under as Everyone Thinks It Is

Over 300 Civilians Have Been Killed in Yemen Since August, U.N. Says

Egypt Recovers Over 160 Bodies From Sunken Migrant Boat

‘Doomsday Today in Aleppo’: Assad and Russian Forces Bombard City

6 Sites Recognized by Britain for Significance to Gay History

For Taiwan, Google Images of Disputed Island Are Too Clear

South Korea’s President Has No Easy Options in Dealing with an Aggressive North

On the Verge of Extinction, a Chinese Fishing Village Resists

An Expert on Chinese Medicine, but No New Age Healer

Haitians, After Perilous Journey, Find Door to U.S. Abruptly Shut

Constitutional Court in Gabon Upholds Ali Bongo Ondimba’s Disputed Re-election

With Boeing Deal, Americans Are Coming to Iran

U.N. Restarts Aid Convoys in Syria, 3 Days After Attack

Obama Puts Syria at Arm’s Length as Carnage Drags On

World Crises Push Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Off U.N. Center Stage

Muslim Brotherhood’s Political Arm Wins Seats in Jordan’s Parliament

‘Botched’ Repair to China’s Great Wall Inspires Outrage

U.S. to Step Up Deportations of Haitians Amid Surge at Border

Demand for Inquiry Into Police Abuse of Women May Embroil Mexico’s President

Canada and China Will Enter Trade Talks, Justin Trudeau Says

Obama Administration Considers Arming Syrian Kurds Against ISIS

After Much Rancor, Obama and Netanyahu Meet, Likely for Last Time

‘Moment of Truth’ in Syria as John Kerry Urges Restoration of Cease-Fire

Shell Fired by ISIS at U.S. and Iraqi Troops May Have Contained Chemical Agent

U.S. Allows Boeing and Airbus to Sell Planes to Iran

Russia Denies Any Role in Deadly Convoy Attack in Syria

Isle of Man, Flourishing in Britain’s Shadow, Faces Pivotal Vote

Arson at Belgian Forensic Lab May Set Back Terrorism Cases

Kashmir Crisis Poses Major Test for India’s Leader, Narendra Modi

In a Parched Corner of Xinjiang, Ancient Water Tunnels Are Running Dry

Syria Aid Convoys Suspended After Attack; U.N. Leader Condemns ‘Cowards’

In Appeal to Voters, Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan Soft-Pedals Religion

Rights Groups Criticize Israeli Inquiry Into 2014 Gaza War

It’s Not Like Hollywood: Why U.S. Airstrikes Go Awry

U.N. Suspends Convoys to Syria After Attack on Aid Trucks

Greeks Appeal for Aid After Fire Damages Refugee Camp

On Istiklal, Istanbul’s Champs-Élysées, Symbols of a City’s Malaise

5 Cuban Volleyball Players Convicted of Rape in Finland

Obama, in Farewell to U.N., Calls for Global ‘Course Correction’

15 Years Into Afghan War, Americans Would Rather Not Talk About It

Venezuela Crises Compound as Oil Industry Falls Into Disarray

U.N. Chief Wants Paris Climate Deal to Take Effect This Year

Donald Trump, the Unsinkable Candidate

Canada Agrees to Talks on Extradition Treaty With China

Looming Transition Ignites Deadly Clashes in Congo

A Paris Shop Turns On the Charm, and South Koreans Swoon

Examining the U.N.’s Record on Urgent Global Challenges

Kinshasa, Congo, Is Locked Down as Protests Erupt Against Joseph Kabila

Whether Shaved by Hand or Machine, This Roman Treat Is Just as Frosty

How Canadian hockey moms, poker buddies and neighbors are adopting Syrians, a family at a time.


A main thoroughfare in the predominantly black town of Riviera Beach, Fla., was once called Old Dixie Highway. But now the road has a new name: President Barack Obama Highway.

Sandra Lee Bartky, at the Vanguard of Feminist Philosophy, Dies at 81

Donald Trump Gets First Major Endorsement in Las Vegas

True or False? Hillary Clinton, a Native Chicagoan, Is a Cubs Fan

Hillary Clinton Presses Her Advantage Over a Struggling Donald Trump

For Republicans Abandoning Donald Trump, Obama Has a Message: ‘Too Late’

Obama Assists 150 State Candidates, Targeting G.O.P.’s Grip on Legislatures

California Today: The Bay Area’s Best Sandwich and Other Tips (Courtesy of Warriors Fans)

At Least 13 Killed in Bus Crash on California Highway

Trump Recording Narrows Divide on Sexual Assault

There are more Latino elected officials in Texas than any other state, and even though most are Democrats, they represent an electorate split along racial, ethnic, party and socioeconomic lines.

The Calculus in Six Crucial Senate Races

A Democrat Deft With a Firearm Tightens the Race for the Senate

Donald Trump Pledges to ‘Heal Divisions’ (and Sue His Accusers)

Outside Money Favors Hillary Clinton at a 2-to-1 Rate Over Donald Trump

A New Era of Internet Attacks Powered by Everyday Devices

Gay Republican Group Declines to Endorse Donald Trump

Should You Let Your Dog Lick Your Face?

What 130 of the Worst Shootings Say About Guns in America

She Never Spoke of It to Her Husband. Then She Heard the Trump Tape.

3 U.S. States Turn Down Russian Requests to Monitor Elections

Philippines ‘Separation’ From U.S. Jilts Hillary Clinton, Too

Donald Trump’s Warning on Election Result Sounds Familiar to Some Immigrants

Donald Trump, Somewhat Subdued, Admits He Might Lose Election

Could Donald Trump Reject the Election Results? Yes. Would It Do Any Good? Nope.

A Key Senate Race Shifts to a Ground Game: Knocking on Doors

Hawaii Looks Back, and Ahead, as Its Presidential Spotlight Dims

How Charges of Voter Fraud Became a Political Strategy

He Stars in a Spanish-Language Soap. Why Is He Driving for Uber?

Private Security Group Says Russia Was Behind John Podesta’s Email Hack

Widening Attack on G.O.P., Obama Targets Marco Rubio in Florida

Who Won the Debate? Hillary Clinton, the ‘Nasty Woman’

Voter Registration Effort Spurs an Inquiry in Indiana

Videos Put Democrats on Defensive About Dirty Tricks

‘Nasty Woman’ and ‘Bad Hombres’: The Real Debate Winners?

In Debate, Hillary Clinton’s Clarion Call for Women Thrills Many

Debate Takeaways: Donald Trump Had a Lot to Do, and He Didn’t Do It

A 10th Woman Accuses Donald Trump of Inappropriate Touching

Donald Trump Is Wrong on Mosul Attack, Military Experts Say

Donald Trump’s Defiance Is Seen as ‘Colossal Mistake’ That Threatens U.S. Image

The Debate That Wasn’t: So Many Words, So Few About Policy

Case of Former N.S.A. Contractor Escalates as Espionage Act Charges Loom

Donald Trump Says He Will Accept Election Outcome (‘if I Win’)

Donald Trump Heckled by New York Elite at Charity Dinner

The Hawk on Russia Policy? Hillary Clinton, Not Donald Trump

The Hawk on Russia Policy? Hillary Clinton, Not Donald Trump

At 2 Georgetown Cemeteries, History in Black and White

E.P.A. Waited Too Long to Warn of Flint Water Danger, Report Says

California Today: When It Comes to Health, a Tale of Many Californias

Transcript of the Third Debate

Donald Trump Won’t Say if He’ll Accept Result of Election

Hillary Clinton, Mocking and Taunting in Debate, Turns the Tormentor

When Hillary Clinton Tested New Slogans — 85 of Them

Fresh Off Employing Evan Bayh, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Attacks Him

Chris Wallace, Mixing Humor With Scolding, Guides Final Debate

12 Questions We’d Like to Hear at the Presidential Debate

As Health Markets Struggle, 9% Average Rise in Enrollment Is Predicted

Black Man Is Arrested While Walking, and Minnesota City Starts a ‘Conversation’

Trove of Stolen Data Is Said to Include Top-Secret U.S. Hacking Tools

California Today: The Drought Isn’t Going Away. What You Can Do.

As California Water Use Rises, Some Ask: Were Limits Eased Too Soon?

Teaching Seventh Graders in a ‘Total Mess’ of an Election Season

Presidential Debate: What to Watch For

Obama Tells Trump: Stop ‘Whining’ and Trying to Discredit the Election

Guiding Trump, an Ex-General Who Shakes His Fist at Washington

Ex-F.B.I. Official Acknowledges Role in New Clinton Email Controversy

Donald Trump’s Call to Monitor Polls Raises Fears of Intimidation

Donald Trump Has Been Accused of Groping. But What Does the Law Say?

No. 39 on Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate List: Bernie Sanders

Clinton Challenges Trump for a Traditional Republican Bloc, White Catholics

In Hindsight, Backers of Bernie Sanders Lament What Might Have Been

Anti-Semitic Posts, Many From Trump Supporters, Surge on Twitter

California Today: For Some U.C. Workers, Skipping Meals to Make Ends Meet

Study Urges Tougher Oversight for Police Use of Facial Recognition

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Accused of Targeting Latinos, Is Charged With Contempt

Donald Trump Says He Might Meet With Putin Before Inauguration

Battle for Mosul Tests Obama Strategy to Shift Fight’s Burden From U.S.

Agencies Clashed on Classification of Clinton Email, Inquiry Shows

Showing Confidence, Hillary Clinton Pushes Into Republican Strongholds

Jared Kushner Talks of a Trump TV Network With a Media Deal Maker

The New Protesters Defying Donald Trump: His Customers

‘We Are Moving On’: Melania Trump Breaks Near Silence to Defend Husband

An Agent Shot a Boy Across the U.S. Border. Can His Parents Sue?

Official Apologizes for Police Role in Mistrust by Minorities

James Cartwright, Ex-General, Pleads Guilty in Leak Case

For Immigrants ‘Broken Into Pieces,’ Denver Bus Binds Two Worlds

Campaign Aims to Help Pepe the Frog Shed Its Image as Hate Symbol

Californians, Having Curbed Bilingual Education, May Now Expand It

California Today: Disneyland Is Changing a Ride, and People Are Howling Will Add ‘Simple Choice’ Plans in Effort to Improve Value

Acrid Air and Dismay Linger in Firebombed G.O.P. Office in North Carolina

The California Ballot Measure That Inspired a Tax Revolt

Ripples From the ‘How Low Can They Go’ Campaign

Mario Batali (Yes, in His Orange Crocs) to Prepare Obamas’ Last State Dinner

Hillary Clinton Liked Covert Action if It Stayed Covert, Transcript Shows

Donald Trump Intensifies His Claim That Campaign Is ‘Rigged’

As U.S. Watches Mexico, Traffickers Slip In From Canada

North Carolina G.O.P. Building Is Firebombed

Haiti and Africa Projects Shed Light on Clinton’s Public-Private Web

Donald Trump Reveals Evangelical Rifts That Could Shape Politics for Years

California Today: Jewish Delis Disappear, Bagel by Bagel

Hacked Transcripts Reveal a Genial Hillary Clinton at Goldman Sachs Events

Hillary Clinton Builds $150 Million War Chest, Doubling Donald Trump

As a Black Republican Senator, Tim Scott Faces a Unique Donald Trump Issue

For Paul Ryan, a Long, Labored Path Leading Away From Donald Trump

Issues in Hillary Clinton’s Past Leave Her Muted in Furor Over Donald Trump

Where the Trump Name Is Emblazoned Now: The Front Yard

‘We Should Take a Drug Test’ Before Debate, Donald Trump Says

Urging Blacks to Vote for Clinton for Obama’s Sake, and Their Own

4 Are Killed After Pickup Truck Plunges Off San Diego Bridge

Fifty years after the group’s founding, a look back at The Times’s coverage reveals the influence of the F.B.I. and how reporting on race and activism has evolved.

Success Spoils a U.S. Program to Round Up Wild Horses

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Regrets Speaking Out on Colin Kaepernick

Donald Trump’s Barrage of Heated Rhetoric Has Little Precedent

Trump as Champion of Working Class? ‘Come on,’ Obama Says

Among Donald Trump’s Biggest U.S. Fans: Hindu Nationalists

House Republicans in Close Races Worry Trump’s Problems May Hurt Them

Evan McMullin’s Moonshot White House Bid Has Utah’s Attention

Donald Trump Assails His Accusers as Liars, and Unattractive

Health Care Law’s Beneficiaries Reflect Its Strengths, and Its Faults

How Turned Off Are Voters? Check Out Tommy’s Diner

Health Care Law’s Beneficiaries Reflect Its Strengths, and Its Faults

2 Face Hate Crime Charges in Attack on Sikh Man in California

Death Sentences Require Unanimous Jury, Florida Supreme Court Rules

Poor, Displaced and Anxious in North Carolina as Floods Climb After Hurricane

Writer for People Magazine Describes Forced Kiss by Trump

Donald Trump, Slipping in Polls, Warns of ‘Stolen Election’

Trump Accuses Clinton of Guiding Global Elite Against U.S. Working Class

Cut Ties to Donald Trump, Big Donors Urge R.N.C.

Voice Shaking, Michelle Obama Calls Trump Comments on Women ‘Intolerable’

As Donald Trump Stumbles, Hillary Clinton Watches Her Step

Donald Trump Calls Allegations by Women ‘False Smears’

Donald Trump Threatens to Sue The Times Over Article on Unwanted Advances

Justice Department to Track Killings by Police Across U.S.

Judge Says Disney Didn’t Violate Visa Laws in Layoffs

California Today: The Silicon Valley Rent War

Why Last-Second Lane Mergers Are Good for Traffic

Vermont Wind Project Needs Votes, So Company Offers to Pay Voters

U.S. Cites Bias by San Francisco Police Against Blacks

Reviled by G.O.P., WikiLeaks Embraced by Trump for Clinton Email Leaks

New Rule Adding Wrinkle to Use of Driver’s Licenses as Flight ID

Group’s Tactic on Hillary Clinton: Sue Her Again and Again

Some in G.O.P. Who Deserted Donald Trump Over Video Are Returning

Facebook Helped Drive a Voter Registration Surge, Election Officials Say

Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappropriately

Donald Trump Recalls His Attack Dog From the Primaries: Donald Trump

Marijuana Arrests Outnumber Those for Violent Crimes, Study Finds

Keith Lamont Scott Was Killed by Two Gunshot Wounds, Family Autopsy Finds

Jack Greenberg, Civil Rights Champion, Dies at 91

Florida Voter Registration Deadline Is Extended, a Win for Democrats

California Today: Combating the Legislature’s ‘Sausage Making Behind Closed Doors’

Unarmed Man Killed by Tulsa Police Had PCP in His Body, Coroner Finds

Supreme Court Weighs Bias and Secrecy in Jury Deliberations

Case Accusing Bush Officials of 9/11 Abuses Heads to Supreme Court

Obama Considers ‘Proportional’ Response to Russian Hacking in U.S. Election

Obama, in North Carolina, Is Expected to Urge Blacks to Vote for Hillary Clinton

John Podesta Says Russian Spies Hacked His Emails to Sway Election

Al Gore Reminds Floridians: ‘Every. Single. Vote. Counts.’

Glenn Beck Says Opposing Trump Is ‘Moral, Ethical’ Even if It Means Clinton Wins

Early Voting Could Hand Election to Hillary Clinton Well Before Nov. 8

For Donald Trump’s Most Ardent Supporters, It’s Fervor Over Data

Donald Trump Tax Plan Would Add to Debt and Hillary Clinton’s Wouldn’t, Study Finds

Donald Trump Attacks Paul Ryan and ‘Disloyal Republicans’

Split Over Donald Trump Threatens to Tilt Republican States

Mistrial for 2 Ex-Officers in Albuquerque Killing of Mentally Ill Man

Hurricane Plunges a North Carolina Town’s Future Into Doubt

Gun-Control Groups Push Growing Evidence That Laws Reduce Violence

F.B.I. Investigating if Fatal Plane Crash in East Hartford Was Intentional

Donn Fendler, Who Was Lost in Wilds of Maine as a Boy, Dies at 90

California Today: A State’s New Face

Santa Ana, in Orange County, has an all Latino City Council and stands as the face of a new California where Latinos have more influence in everyday life.

As Tensions Rise, Tribes Protesting Pipeline Dig In: ‘We’re Staying’

Who Won the Debate? Donald Trump Avoids Annihilation

For Many Women, Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ Brings Memories of Abuse

For G.O.P. Candidates, Renouncing Donald Trump Carries Dire Risks

Ratings for Second Debate Dive 20 Percent

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Strained to Hone Her Message, Hacked Emails Show

Threat to Jail Clinton Smacks of ‘Tin-Pot Dictators,’ Experts Say

House Speaker Won’t Defend Donald Trump, Upsetting G.O.P. Hard-Liners

Debate Takeaways: Clinton Is Still Standing, and Trump Isn’t Going Away

What Story Did Debate Night Body Language Tell?

Jacob Neusner, Judaic Scholar Who Forged Interfaith Bonds, Dies at 84

Hurricane Matthew’s Toll Rises; Flooding Strands 1,500 in North Carolina

Fleeing the Coast Before the Storm, Only to Be Trapped Inland

In Debate on Syria, It’s Trump vs. Pence, and Clinton vs. Obama

California Today: Should You Have More Say Over Megaprojects?

What Does Weld Say? Real-Time Reaction From a Libertarian

Inside Trump Tower, an Increasingly Upset and Alone Donald Trump

Donald Trump Vows Retaliation as Republicans Abandon Him

In Second Debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Spar in Bitter, Personal Terms

Highlights From the Clinton Campaign Emails: How to Deal With Sanders and Biden

Donald Trump Talks at Debate, but Many Women Hear Only a 2005 Tape

Donald Trump Acknowledges Not Paying Federal Income Taxes for Years

Donald Trump Featured Paula Jones and 2 Other Women Who Accused Bill Clinton of Sexual Assault

Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper Steered Debate With Sharp Questions

Palm Springs Police ‘Awake in a Nightmare’ After Fatal Shootings

North Carolina, Saturated and Surprised, Reels from Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew’s Toll Rises; Flooding Strands 1,500 in North Carolina

California Today: Mental Health Team Will Aid San Francisco Police

Scenes From Hurricane Matthew’s Capricious Path

Women React With Fury to Donald Trump’s Remarks, but Some Offer Support

What Options Does the U.S. Have After Accusing Russia of Hacks?

Donald Trump’s Long Record of Degrading Women

Presidential Debate: What to Watch For

Paul Ryan, Reluctant Supporter, Weighs Response to Donald Trump’s Remarks

Men Say Trump’s Remarks on Sex and Women Are Beyond the Pale

Why Republicans Are Probably Stuck With Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Conduct Was Excused Again and Again. But Not This Time.

Lewd Donald Trump Tape Is a Breaking Point for Many in the G.O.P.

Can’t Find a Plan on One May Be Picked for You.

2 Police Officers Are Shot and Killed in Palm Springs, Calif.

Hurricane Matthew Blamed for 11 Deaths and Severe Flooding in South

A Weakened Hurricane Matthew Still Delivers Flooding and Power Failures

After Water Fiasco, Trust of Officials Is in Short Supply in Flint

U.S. Says Russia Directed Hacks to Influence Elections

John McCain Withdraws Support for Donald Trump After Disclosure of Recording

Campaigns Train ‘the Real Clinton’ and ‘the Real Trump’ for Round 2

John Kerry Calls for War Crimes Investigation of Russia and Assad Government

Girding to Retake Mosul, Obama Faces Bush’s Deadly Pitfall

Leaked Speech Excerpts Show a Hillary Clinton at Ease With Wall Street

Donald Trump Adjusts His Complaints About Debate Microphone

Democrats Push to Extend Voter Registration in Storm-Damaged Florida

Tape Reveals Donald Trump Bragging About Groping Women

Donald Trump’s Apology That Wasn’t

Billy Bush Says He’s Ashamed by Lewd Talk With Donald Trump

Hurricane Matthew Avoids Direct Hit on Florida, Continues North

Many Florida Beach Residents Shrug Off Evacuation Orders

Transcript: Donald Trump’s Taped Comments About Women

Transcript of Donald Trump’s Videotaped Apology

Ammon Bundy Case as Inkblot Test: What Will Jurors See in His Words?

Practical Tips for Surviving a Hurricane, Learned the Hard Way

With Senate Control at Stake, Koch Groups Start Endorsing by Name

N.S.A. Suspect Is a Hoarder. But a Leaker? Investigators Aren’t Sure.

Mike Pence Disavows Donald Trump’s Earlier Proposal Banning Muslims

Want to Know the Crucial Areas for Clinton? Follow Michelle Obama

When Donald Trump Went to Washington and Got Himself a Tax Break

Donald Trump Takes Advantage of a Republican Party Pitted Against Itself

Donald Trump’s Ventures Began With a Lot of Hype. Here’s How They Turned Out.

Pro-Trump Group to Release Ads as Part of Major Swing State Effort

More Asian-Americans Are Identifying as Democrats, Survey Finds

Leaked Videos Pull Back Curtain on Mormon Leadership

Hurricane Matthew Approaches Florida; Governor Urges 1.5 Million to Flee

What It’s Like to Be Trapped by a Category 5 Hurricane

How to Get People to Evacuate? Try Fear

Army General Used Government Credit Card at Strip Clubs, Pentagon Says

Obama Administration Is Quietly Delaying Thousands of Deportation Cases

C.E.O. of, Known for Escort Ads, Is Charged with Pimping a Minor

California Today: Hollywood History vs. ‘Souvenir Junk’

At Booz Allen, a Vast U.S. Spy Operation, Run for Private Profit

An Alarming 10% Rise in Traffic Deaths in the First Half of 2016

Who Won the Debate? Commentators Give Edge to Mike Pence

Debate Takeaways: Tim Kaine Presses Mike Pence on Russia, but Not Gay Rights

After Clash of No. 2s, Both Campaigns Say, ‘We’re No. 1’

Transcript of the 2016 Debate Between the Running Mates

‘That Mexican Thing’ Takes On Life After the Debate

Justices Seem Ready to Find Bias in Trial of Black Man on Texas Death Row

A ‘Sad Case’ Suspect, Scared Pale as Police Swarmed His House in N.S.A. Case

Gary Johnson Equates Syria Deaths Caused by Assad and West

Donald Trump’s Slip in Polls Has G.O.P. Worried About Congress

In Visceral Ads for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Does All the Talking

Could Officers Have Avoided Shooting Keith Scott? Experts Weigh In

N.S.A. Contractor Arrested in Possible New Theft of Secrets

Hurricane Matthew Approaches Florida; Governor Urges 1.5 Million to Flee

California Today: Silicon Valley, Housing Villain, Tries to Make Amends

As Drug Deaths Soar, a Silver Lining for Transplant Patients

U.S. Immigration Judges Look Within to Minimize Bias

Messaging With Mondale: Real-Time Reactions From an Ex-Vice President

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence Clash Sharply Over Their Running Mates

Donald Trump as Role Model? G.O.P. Senator ‘Absolutely’ Has Second Thoughts

Hashtags, Polls and Putin: Aftermath of the Vice-Presidential Debate

Mike Pence’s Defense Strategy: Dodge and Deflect Donald Trump’s Words

Hillary Clinton to Girl’s Question on Body Image: ‘Let’s Be Proud of Who We Are.’

A Debate Stage in Virginia, With Racial ‘Scar Tissue’ as the Backdrop

Donald Trump Would Have Trouble Winning a Suit Over The Times’s Tax Article

In Video, Sacramento Police Appear to Try to Hit Man With Their Car Before He’s Fatally Shot

Hurricane Matthew Threatens Southeastern States

Flint Hit With Bacterial Illness as Residents Shun City Water

California Today: The Steep Costs of Fighting Wildfires

From Mondale to Palin, the Hits From Past Vice-Presidential Debates

Vice-Presidential Debate: What to Watch For

With Tim Kaine and Mike Pence, Faith Is Back in the Mix

State Attorney General Orders Trump Foundation to Cease Raising Money in New York

Trump as ‘Role Model’? Kelly Ayotte Says She Misspoke

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence Prepare for Vice-Presidential Proxy Fight

Supreme Court Rejects Plea to Reconsider Obama’s Immigration Plan

McConnell and Ryan Are of Two Minds About Divided Government

Judges Who Are Elected Like Politicians Tend to Act Like Them

Hillary Clinton, Seizing on Taxes, Says Donald Trump ‘Games the System’

How a Simple Tax Rule Let Donald Trump Turn a $916 Million Loss Into a Plus

Protest Started by Colin Kaepernick Spreads to High School Students

In Las Vegas, Rising Murders Strain a Police Force Used to Solving Them

Death Penalty Loses Majority Support for First Time in 45 Years

California Today: Requiring the Use of Condoms in Adult Films

The Unintended Consequences of Taking a Hard Line on School Discipline

9 Times Donald Trump Complained About Taxes

Rudy Giuliani, Continuing Rebuke of Hillary Clinton, Says ‘Everybody’ Commits Infidelity

President Obama, the Ultimate Tourist, Ticks Down His Bucket List

Ailing Obama Health Care Act May Have to Change to Survive

How Hillary Clinton Grappled With Bill Clinton’s Infidelity, and His Accusers

Supporters Defend Donald Trump’s Tax Approach as Business Savvy

Florida’s Changing Latino Population Veers From G.O.P.

California Today: A Shift in the Child Sex Trafficking Trade

Bundy Brothers, Who Sought to Rally a Nation, Draw Scant Support at Trial

Donald Trump Suggests Hillary Clinton Isn’t ‘Loyal to Bill’

Report That Donald Trump Did Business in Cuba Ups the Ante in Florida

Donald Trump Is Seen as Helping Push Asian-Americans Into Democratic Arms

Supreme Court Faces Volatile, Even if Not Blockbuster, Docket

Hillary Clinton and Democrats Raised $154 Million in September

After Trump-Clinton, Vice-Presidential Debate Isn’t Exactly ‘the Return of Elvis’

Hillary Clinton’s Positive Message? That Was the Plan, at Least

Trump Tax Records Obtained by The Times Reveal He Could Have Avoided Paying Taxes for Nearly Two Decades

Timber Company Tells California Town, Go Find Your Own Water

A Rabbi’s Enduring Sermon on Living Your Last Five Minutes

Thousands Eager to Vote Won’t Become Citizens in Time

Roy Moore, Alabama Chief Justice, Suspended Over Gay Marriage Order

Will Donald Trump Play Infidelity Card at Debate? Clinton Camp Girds

Evan Bayh, Long Popular in Indiana, Finds Comeback Unexpectedly Rocky

Donald Trump Opens New Line of Attack on Hillary Clinton: Her Marriage

Actually, a Malfunction Did Affect Donald Trump’s Voice at the Debate

Donald Trump Bashes Alicia Machado Again, Alleging a ‘Sex Tape’ (Without Evidence)

How Democrats Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Big Donor Money

Democrats Rake In Money, Thanks to Suit by Republicans

Extremist Imam Tests F.B.I. and the Limits of the Law

El Cajon Police Release Video of Fatal Shooting

Bias Suit Filed on Behalf of Disabled Men in South Carolina Meat Plant

When ‘Yelling Commands’ Is the Wrong Police Response

Claims of Saudi Role in 9/11 Appear Headed for Manhattan Court

Richard D. Trentlage, 87, Who Wrote ‘The Oscar Mayer Wiener Song,’ Dies

Law on Disparaging Trademarks Gets Supreme Court Review

Ohio, Long a Bellwether, Is Fading on the Electoral Map

In Hacked Audio, Hillary Clinton Rethinks Obama’s Nuclear Upgrade Plan

Hillary Clinton’s College Plan Appeals to the Left, but Educators Have Doubts

At Debate, Hillary Clinton Spoke to Black Voters Using Language of a Movement

Progress? Depends on Which Party Is Doing the Talking

In Bruce Springsteen’s America, Many Turn Toward Donald Trump

Ex-Marine Describes Violent Hazing and the Lies That Covered It Up

Split Over Donald Trump and Cut Off by Culture Wars, Evangelicals Despair

California Today: $2 More for a Pack of Cigarettes?

3 Injured in Shooting at Elementary School in South Carolina, Police Say

Should You Intervene When a Parent Harshly Disciplines a Child in Public?

Police Shoot and Kill Black Man in El Cajon, Calif.

Why You Shouldn’t Believe Most Online Polls

Senate Votes to Override Obama Veto on 9/11 Victims Bill

Donald Trump ‘Doesn’t Do His Homework,’ Obama Says After Debate

Hillary Clinton Struggles to Win Back Young Voters From Third Parties

Democrats Eye Hillary Clinton’s Confidence After Debate With Caution

Donald Trump Pushes Debunked Theory That Google Suppressed Rival’s Bad News

‘I Guess I’m Having an Aleppo Moment’: Gary Johnson Can’t Name a Single Foreign Leader

New Debate Strategy for Donald Trump: Practice, Practice, Practice

Flint Water Deal May Help Avert Government Shutdown

Old Foes Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Team Up to Woo the Kids

‘She Has a Name,’ Alicia Machado, and It Is Everywhere

Colin Kaepernick Says Presidential Candidates Were Trying to ‘Debate Who’s Less Racist’

California Today: A Snooze of a Senate Race

Alabama Chief Justice Roy S. Moore Battles Latest Ethics Charges

Suburban Women Find Little to Like in Donald Trump’s Debate Performance

Commentators Give Hillary Clinton Edge in Debate

I Muted Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton During the Debate. I Still Knew the Score.

The Morning After the Debate, Donald Trump Goes on the Attack

Hillary Clinton, at Ease Onstage, Seems Utterly Herself

Does Donald Trump Pay Taxes? Here’s What We Know

Scant Evidence to Support Trump’s Attacks on the Fed

Would Donald Trump Ever Use Nuclear Arms First? He Doesn’t Seem Sure

A Subdued Donald Trump Showed a Side We Rarely See

Debate Takeways: Hillary Clinton Digs In and Prevails

Obama Nominates First Ambassador to Cuba in Over 50 Years

Senate’s Vote on Simple Bill to Fund the Government Is Anything But

By the Numbers: Butting In, and Going On, Trump Dominates

Appeals Court Hears Challenge to Obama’s Climate Change Rules

Shamed and Angry: The Beauty Contestant Donald Trump Mocked for Her Weight

Pepe the Frog Is Listed as a Hate Symbol by the Anti-Defamation League

Whether Crime Is Up or Down Depends on Data Being Used

Keith Scott Threatened Family, Wife Said in Court Papers

California Today: First-Day Jitters for Kevin Durant

Addicted Parents Get Their Fix, Even With Children Watching

Suit Accuses Alabama of Bias in Law That Bars Some Felons From Voting

Scenes From New England’s Drought: Dry Wells, Dead Fish and Ailing Farms

The What-Ifs: 11 Debate Possibilities That Should Worry the Campaigns

Transcript of the First Debate

Rudolph Giuliani Says Donald Trump Bit His Tongue Because Chelsea Clinton Was in the Room

Tax Returns, Climate Change and the Sniffles: The Fallout From the First Debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Press Pointed Attacks in Debate

How The New York Times Will Fact-Check the Debate

Lester Holt, Given a Choice Assignment, Opted for Restraint

How to Watch the First Debate and How It Works

How Hillary Clinton Went From Hesitant to Scorching

What to Watch as Congress Nears Deadline to Avert Shutdown

Our Fact Checks of the First Debate

For Debate Organizer, a New Priority: Crowd Control

Congress Meets, With 5 Days to Avoid Shutdown Over Funding

Clinton Could Have Corrected Trump, but He Blared ‘Wrong!’

U.S. Murders Surged in 2015, F.B.I. Finds

Kerr Putney, Charlotte Chief, Had Cause in His Life to Distrust Police

Houston Shooting Leaves Gunman Dead and Nine Others Injured Near Mall, Police Say

California Today: ‘Sticker Shock’ in Los Angeles Housing

Man Charged With Murder in Shooting of 5 at Mall in Washington State

What We Know About the Details of the Police Shooting in Charlotte

At Farewell for Black Driver Shot by Tulsa Officer, Music and Fond Memories

Pre-Debate Guessing Game: Will the First Also Be the Last?

Foreign Policy Questions to Ask Clinton and Trump at the Debate

Court Leader or Leading Dissenter? Chief Justice’s Fate Tied to Election

Presidential Debate: What to Watch For as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Face Off

Obama Climate Plan, Now in Court, May Hinge on Error in 1990 Law

For Some, Bush-Obama Rapport Recalls a Lost Virtue: Political Civility

First Clinton-Trump Debate Is Framed by Rifts Over Race and Gender

In Charlotte, Activists From Across U.S. Offer Support and Tear Gas Remedies

Difficult Questions: How Much the Clinton-Trump Debates Matter

California Today: The Cool Spectacle of Snap’s Spectacles

Rarity of Tulsa Shooting: Female Officers Are Almost Never Involved

Obama Says African-American Museum Will Tell of ‘Suffering and Delight’

Donald Trump’s Potential Guest at Debate: Gennifer Flowers

Donald Trump’s ‘Movement’ Ad: Positive Message, Subtle Dig

2008 Crisis Deepened the Ties Between Clintons and Goldman Sachs

Police Hunt Gunman Who Killed 5 at Mall in Washington State

In a Roundabout Way, a Maine Town’s Future May Turn on a Traffic Issue

Yielding to Pressure, Charlotte Releases Videos of Keith Scott Shooting

Tulsa’s Prayers, and Past Scars, Softened Reaction to Police Shooting

Voter Registration Deadlines, State by State

Ted Cruz Announces Support for Donald Trump

Mr. Ryan, Your Views on Donald Trump? Next Question, Please

Debate Prep? Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Differ on That, Too

Obama Vetoes 9/11 Bill, but Congressional Override Is Expected

$12 Million Iranian Embassy Is Empty, but the U.S. Cuts the Grass

Ruling Means Most of Hillary Clinton’s Emails Will Come Out After Election

Hillary Clinton Aide Playing Donald Trump in Mock Debates

Donald Trump the Philanthropist Is Known for His Reluctance

College Republicans, Once ‘the Best Party on Campus,’ Endure Taunts Over Trump

Larry Sanders, Bernie’s Brother, Is Running for David Cameron’s Seat in Parliament

Paul Bunyan Is as Big as Ever, but Another Man of Myth Is H-u-g-e

4 Dead in Shooting at Mall in Washington State, Police Say

Charlotte Is Pressured to Release Police Video of Man’s Killing

Congressman Tells BBC: Charlotte Protesters ‘Hate White People’

Wife of Keith Scott, Charlotte Shooting Victim, Filmed Fatal Encounter With Police

Tulsa Officer Charged in Fatal Shooting of Black Driver

In San Francisco, a Sinking Skyscraper and a Deepening Dispute

Spending Bill Seems Likely to Take Up Ted Cruz’s Fight Over Internet Directory

Keith Scott’s Killing by Police Emerges as Issue in Tight North Carolina Race

Obama Is on the Cusp of a Rebuke He Has Long Avoided: A Veto Override

Presenting America’s Newest Comedy Team: Mel Brooks and Obama

At Shareblue, Activating Hillary Clinton’s Outrage Machine

Email Hack Details Movements of Joe Biden, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Says Drugs Are ‘Big Factor’ in Urban Violence

Donald Trump, in Pittsburgh, Pledges to Boost Both Coal and Gas

Donald Trump’s Crime Policies Might Hit Minorities Harder, Experts Say

A Peek at House Members Before Recess, in Three Snippets

A Deadpan Hillary Clinton Visits ‘Between Two Ferns’

‘In-Betweeners’ Are Part of a Rich Recruiting Pool for Jihadists

Police Videos, Kept Private, Fuel Tensions in Charlotte

Charlotte Police Shooting Video Not ‘Definitive,’ Chief Says

Fatal Shooting by Police Shakes Charlotte’s Self-Image

California Today: Should We Ban Plastic Bags?

Why First Aid Is Often Lacking in the Moments After a Police Shooting

Unanswered Questions Fuel Doubts Among Friends of Minnesota Mall Attacker

Texas Threatens to Pull Out of Refugee Resettlement Program

Who Hates Trade Treaties? Surprisingly, Not Voters

Hillary Clinton Outlines Vision of More Job Opportunities for People With Disabilities

Hillary Clinton Struggles to Replicate Obama’s Small-Donor Juggernaut

Don King Uses Racial Epithet in Introducing Donald Trump

Corey Lewandowski Continues to Be Paid by Donald Trump’s Campaign

Fight Between Saudis and 9/11 Families Escalates in Washington

Gun Is Found After Fatal Police Shooting of Black Man, Charlotte Chief Says

In Cranes’ Shadow, Los Angeles Strains to See a Future With Less Sprawl

Immigrants Aren’t Taking Americans’ Jobs, New Study Finds

Why Didn’t the F.B.I. Stop the New York Bombing?

Chicago to Hire Many More Police, but Effect on Crime Is Debated

California Today: The Debate Over Indian Mascots and Imagery

Protests Erupt in Charlotte After Police Kill a Black Man

Trump Campaign Vows to Fund Florida Push, Official Says, but Cash Is in Limbo

Senate Is Set to Vote on Zika and Government Funding

Sheldon Adelson Focuses on Congressional Races, Despite Donald Trump’s Pleas

Elder Bush Plans to Vote for Hillary Clinton, a Kennedy Says

Donald Trump Jr.’s Skittles Post on Twitter Fits a Pattern

Donald Trump Used Over $250,000 From Charity for Business Disputes, Report Says

Donald Trump Stands by Chris Christie Despite Revelations in Bridge Closing Trial

Bombing Case Points to Gaps in Trump’s and Clinton’s Antiterrorism Plans

Minnesota Knife Attacker Had Only Infrequent, Minor Brushes With Police

Man Killed by Tulsa Police Posed No Threat, His Family Says

Resolution of Jacob Wetterling Case Also Closes Chapter for a Reporter

Chicago Is Planning to Add Hundreds of Police Officers

California Voters Face Choice: End Death Penalty, or Speed It Up

California Today: Extra! Extra! How the Gossip Machine Chased the ‘Brangelina’ Split

Video Released in Terence Crutcher’s Killing by Tulsa Police

After Bombings, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Clash Over Terrorism

Friends Say Minnesota Attacker Was ‘Normal American Kid’

Having Won Re-election, a Black Mayor Is Out to Win Every Voter’s Heart

Flaws in Fingerprint Records Allowed Hundreds to Become U.S. Citizens

California Today: Clearing the Air, Without Fossil Fuels

California Today: Fighting Fire With Fire

Most shootings with four deaths or injuries are invisible outside their communities. And most of the lives they scar are black.


WikiLeaks’ Gift to American Democracy

Now at GQ, Keith Olbermann Takes His Outrage Online

Chase Courts Instagram Set, Whetting Appetites for Travel and Dining

Making Sense of AT&T’s Bid for Time Warner

Swift Opposition to Resurrection of AT&T Giant

The Corporate Confidence of the AT&T-Time Warner Deal

To Secure a Mega-Merger, AT&T Plans to Shoulder Mega-Debt

The Rich Vote Republican? Maybe Not This Election.

Regulatory Microscope Lies Ahead for AT&T and Time Warner

AT&T Agrees to Buy Time Warner for Around $80 Billion

Wall St. Is Mixed as Merger Talk Heats Up

Russian Suspected of Hacking U.S. Tech Companies Is Indicted

No, It’s Not Just You. The Internet Is (Still) Having Problems.

Internet Attack Spreads, Disrupting Major Websites

With Europe-Canada Deal Near Collapse, Globalization’s Latest Chapter Is History

British American Tobacco Offers to Buy Reynolds American

AT&T Is Said to Be in Advanced Merger Talks With Time Warner

Wall St. Wavers on Some Middling Quarterly Reports

Tumultuous Debate Draws Over 71 Million Viewers

MetLife Grounds Snoopy. Curse You, Red Baron!

How Much Graduates Earn Drives More College Rankings

Voices From Wells Fargo: ‘I Thought I Was Having a Heart Attack’

Online Lenders Seek to Shape Industry Before Regulators Do

‘Lions Hunting Zebras’: Ex-Wells Fargo Bankers Describe Abuses

I.M.F. Assessment Hints at Internal Struggles

Hedge Funds Hurt as Investors Remove $28 Billion in 3 Months

Fight Between Goldman Sachs and Libyan Fund Shadows Lawyer

Tesla Will Make Its Cars Fully Self-Driving, but Not Turn the System On Yet

Wall St. Rises Along With Oil Prices

Durable Designs for Women Who Wrangle and Weld

New York Times Names A.G. Sulzberger Deputy Publisher

Family Behind Korean Conglomerate Lotte Is Indicted in Corruption Case

Steven Cohen May Return to Hedge Fund Industry When Ban Expires

SoFi, an Online Lender, Is Looking for a Relationship

In Push for G.M.O.s, China Battles Fears of 8-Legged Chickens

Yes, Ford Is Building Plants in Mexico. No, It’s Not Cutting U.S. Jobs.

Midday Report: Wall St. Rises on Strong Earnings

Samsung’s Uneven Handling of Galaxy Note 7 Fires Angers Chinese

Rob Stringer Named Chief of Sony Music

Chris Wallace’s Debate Role Is a Bright Spot in a Dark Year for Fox

Private groups have sprung up to help newcomers find professional networks and improve their skills, but the adjustment has been harder than expected.

Dalian Wanda’s Hollywood Event Is Itself a Production

China’s Crackdown on Crown Resorts Shakes Casino Industry

As China’s Economy Slows, a Look at What Could Happen

Giving Every Child a Monthly Check for an Even Start

Midday Report: Wall St. Edges Down

Bob Dylan, the Newest Nobel Laureate, Maintains His Reticence

A Chinese Company Offers a Carrot to Hollywood

Billy Bush Officially Departs NBC

Leo Beranek, Engineer Involved in Internet Precursor, Dies at 102

‘Brexit’ May Hurt Britain Where It Thrives: Science and Research

‘Brexit’ May Hurt Britain Where It Thrives: Science and Research

Start-Up Taking Aim at Bloomberg Terminals Hires Former Bloomberg Head

Could a President Clinton Be Tough on Wall St.? Her Staff’s Emails Hint Yes

A Critical Eye on Wall Street’s Secrets

Rolling Stone Stays Focused as Defamation Trial Is Set to Begin

Criticism of the News Media Takes On a More Sinister Tone

China Property Boom Spurs Fear of Bubble’s Burst

How the Chemical Industry Joined the Fight Against Climate Change

Earnings Reports for Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Yahoo

Wells Fargo Needs to Make a Clean Break With the Past

Three Excellent Books on Long-Term Investing

‘Brexit’ Blurs the European Investment Outlook

India-Russia Ties Are Strengthened by Military and Energy Deals

Magnate’s Twin Goals: Fighting Climate Change and Electing Donald Trump

The Future of Retirement Communities: Walkable and Urban

Wall St. Rises as Bank Earnings Beat Forecasts

FM Stations That Don’t Reach Far, but Reach Deep

Samsung Predicts $3 Billion Hit to Future Profits After Pulling Galaxy Note 7

Wells Fargo Says Customers Shied Away After Scandal

Salesforce Rules Out a Bid for Twitter

Goldman Sachs Didn’t Trick Libyan Fund, Judge Says

Flush and Dominant, Australia’s Banks Come Under Pressure

Wall St. Tumbles After China Trade Report Disappoints

Mark Burnett, ‘Apprentice’ Producer, Denounces Trump

In Sign of ‘Brexit’ Impact, Marmite Could Disappear From Stores

Pastry Chefs Are in Demand. Why Aren’t Wages Rising?

Verizon Says Yahoo Hack Could Reopen $4.8 Billion Deal Talks

SoftBank and Saudi Arabia Partner to Form Giant Investment Fund

Wells Fargo Shake-Up Fails to Dispel Skepticism From Lawmakers

Goldman’s Online Lender, Marcus, Opens (to Those With the Code)

Wall St. Closes Slightly Higher as Oil Prices Ebb

State Rules 2 Former Uber Drivers Eligible for Jobless Payments

Help for a Business Idea Trying to Catch Fire

Samsung Estimates $2.3 Billion Loss Over Galaxy Note 7 Troubles

For John Stumpf, the Buck Stopped Where It Should Have

In City Built by Immigrants, Immigration Is the Defining Political Issue

Wells Fargo Chief Abruptly Steps Down

Snap Is Said to Pick Bankers for an I.P.O.

Ousting Chief Isn’t Enough to Right Wrongs at Wells Fargo

Conundrum for Justices: Does a Design Patent Cover a Whole Smartphone?

Samsung’s Passive Response to Note 7’s Overheating Problem Draws Criticism

Billy Bush Negotiating Exit From NBC After Lewd Tape

Samsung Ends Galaxy Note 7 Production as Problems Mount

Fiat Chrysler Reaches Deal With Union, Averting Strike

What Donald Trump’s Big Tax Break Might Buy

Zymergen Raises $130 Million in New Round of Financing

Twitter’s Troubles and Snap’s Appeal: It’s All About the Mojo

Court Gives President More Power Over Consumer Agency Chief

Central Banks Consider Bitcoin’s Technology, if Not Bitcoin

At Wells Fargo, Complaints About Fraudulent Accounts Since 2005

Atlantic Names Jeffrey Goldberg Its Editor in Chief

Amazon Pairs Its Speaker With Streaming Music, at a Bargain Price

Theranos Sued by Investor Who Accuses It of Securities Fraud

Samsung Halts Production of Note 7 as Battery Problems Linger

Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom Win Nobel in Economics for Work on Contracts

Extensive consumer databases are not in place for lenders to check, but companies are scrambling to crack the credit code.

Were He Seeking Any Other Job, Trump Would Be Flagged by H.R.

Wells Fargo Reshuffles Top Ranks, Rallying Around Its No. 2

Buffett Calls Trump’s Bluff and Releases His Tax Data

Trying to Disrupt the Auto Industry With The Onion’s Help

How NBC Finished Second on the Trump Video Story

Donald Trump the Showman, Now Caught in the Klieg Lights

Billy Bush, Host on ‘Today,’ Is Suspended by NBC

$1.6 Million Bill Tests Tiny Town and ‘Bulletproof’ Public Pensions

An Investor’s Plan to Transplant Private Health Care in Africa

Jane Pauley Is Back — Again

Europe May Finally End Its Painful Embrace of Austerity

Mylan to Settle EpiPen Overpricing Case for $465 Million

What to Expect in the Jobs Report

I.P.O. Values Innogy Unit of German Utility RWE Around $22 Billion

Pound Drops Sharply in Asian Trading Amid Brexit Fears

5 Years Later, Jon Corzine May Avoid Trial With $5 Million Settlement

Theranos to Close Labs and Lay Off 340 Workers

Southwest Flight Evacuated After Samsung Phone Catches Fire, Airline Says

The Editorialists Have Spoken; Will Voters Listen?

Vice-Presidential Debate Generates Fireworks, but Not Ratings

Oil Glut? Here Comes Some More!

Supreme Court to Rule on Legality of Insider Tips

Sompo of Japan Buying Endurance, a Specialty Insurer

Samsung in Cross Hairs of American Hedge Fund

Deutsche Bank Singled Out in I.M.F. Stability Warning

Obama Hails Enforcement on Trade Deals to Win Support for T.P.P.

Next ‘Renewable Energy’: Burning Forests, if Senators Get Their Way

LVMH to Take 80% Stake in German Luggage Brand Rimowa

I.M.F. Warns of Anti-Trade Sentiment Amid Weak Global Economy

Women Shun the Maternity Smock, and Stores Race to Catch Up

Four From BuzzFeed Politics Defect to CNN

When It Comes to Tax Avoidance, Donald Trump’s Just a Small Fry

Judges Push Brevity in Briefs, and Get a Torrent of Arguments

Tricky Goal for ‘Birth of a Nation’: Inspire but Don’t Incite

The Online Video View: We Can Count It, but Can We Count on It?

On Twitter, Hate Speech Bounded Only by a Character Limit

How Donald Trump Turned the Tax Code Into a Giant Tax Shelter

Google to Unveil New Devices, and Labor Dept. Will Report on Jobs

Executive Pay Clawbacks Are Gratifying, but Not Particularly Effective

A Curious Plan to Fight Climate Change: Buy Mines, Sell Coal

Laurene Powell Jobs Invests in Production and Talent Management Firm

Brands to Ad Agencies: Diversify or Else

Dining In: Homemade Chili Gains Ground on Chili’s

R.B.S. to Rename Investment Bank as It Walls Off Retail Units

Deutsche Bank Troubles Raise Fear of Global Shock

Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors Is Mandated by Labor Department

Wells Fargo’s Reaction to Scandal Fails to Satisfy Angry Lawmakers

Qualcomm Is Said to Be in Talks to Buy NXP Semiconductors

Och-Ziff to Pay Over $400 Million in Bribery Settlement

IBM to Acquire Promontory, a Financial Consulting Firm

Concern Over Deutsche Bank’s Health Shakes Markets

Former BlackRock Fund Manager Charged With Insider Trading

YouTube Hires Music Executive as a Liaison to the Industry

Coachella Classic: A Festival for Rock Giants and Their Aging Fans

For Some Newspapers, Endorsing Clinton Means Losing Subscribers

Alec Baldwin Joins ‘S.N.L.’ as Donald Trump

Oil Prices Soar on Tentative OPEC Deal to Cut Production

More Wealth, More Jobs, but Not for Everyone: What Fuels the Backlash on Trade

Shareholders Approve SABMiller Takeover by Anheuser-Busch InBev

I.M.F. Chief Lagarde Calls Trade Restrictions ‘Economic Malpractice’

Regulators to Review London Stock Exchange-Deutsche Börse Merger

Deutsche Bank, Facing Challenges, Says It Will Sell Abbey Life

California Treasurer Suspends Ties With Wells Fargo

U.S. to Bar Arbitration Clauses in Nursing Home Contracts

By Taking Back Money, Wells Fargo’s Board Seems to Recall Its Role

At 84 Million Viewers, Debate Was the Most-Watched Ever

World Bank Picks Jim Yong Kim for Second Term as President

Greek Lawmakers Pass Additional Austerity Measures

Chinese Tourists Pump Cash Into a Hot Destination: China

What Can Mexico Do About Trump?

Wells Fargo to Claw Back $41 Million of Chief’s Pay Over Scandal

Standard Chartered’s U.S. Settlement Is Imperiled by New Claims

Merger of Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller Faces Final Hurdle

Fly-Along Companions Offer a Way for Older People to Travel

Audi’s Research and Development Chief Leaves as VW Inquiries Continue

Golf Great Arnold Palmer Was Also a Pioneering Pitchman

A New Debate Over Pricing the Risks of Climate Change

Wells Fargo Workers Claim Retaliation for Playing by the Rules

Twitter’s Steep Premium: The Cost of Employee Stock Grants

Trump’s a Businessman. Where’s His Business Backing?

Deutsche Bank Denies Seeking Germany’s Help in U.S. Dispute

Snapchat, Known for Ephemera, Proves Its Staying Power With Videos

A Moment of Truth for Presidential Debate Moderators

Making Video Ads That Work on Facebook’s Silent Screen

Jane Pauley to Become Anchor of CBS Show ‘Sunday Morning’

Edward Davis, ‘World’s Grumpiest Boss,’ Dies at 85

Millions in U.S. Climb Out of Poverty, at Long Last

‘Brexit’ Prompts Many British C.E.O.s to Consider Relocating, Survey Finds

Your Local 1-Percenters May Not Be as Rich as You Think

Clinton-Trump Debate Expected to Be Rare Draw in a Polarized Age

In Australia, China’s Appetite Shifts From Rocks to Real Estate

Tesla Upgrades Autopilot in Cars on the Road

Facebook Apologizes for Overstating Video Metrics

Ex-Société Générale Trader’s €4.9 Billion Fine Is Cut to €1 Million

Twitter Is Said to Be Discussing a Possible Takeover

Danish Payments Processor Nets Valued at $4.5 Billion in I.P.O.

Expecto Patronum! Patronus Test Keeps ‘Harry Potter’ Marketing Alive

Audiobooks Turn More Readers Into Listeners as E-Books Slip

Japan’s Newest Technology Innovation: Priest Delivery

Weekly Jobless Claims Fall, Raising Odds of Fed Rate Increase

JP Morgan May Face New Scrutiny in China Hiring Case

China Shrugs Off the Ties That Bind

Volkswagen Shareholders Seek $9.2 Billion Over Diesel Scandal

In Wells Fargo’s Bogus Accounts, Echoes of Foreclosure Abuses

Divided Fed Holds Interest Rates Steady but Notes Improving Economy

Hedge Fund Manager Leon Cooperman Charged With Insider Trading

World’s Biggest I.P.O. This Year Gets Help from Beijing

Cellphones, Not Banks, May Be Key to Finance in the Developing World

Japan’s Central Bank Raises Target Despite Limited Progress

Japan’s Negative Interest Rates Explained

In Backing Autonomous Cars, U.S. Tells Automakers to Figure It Out

G.M. and Union Avoid Strike by 3,900 Canadian Workers

G.M. Job Shift From Mexico Tests a Trump Premise

Citing ‘Gutless Leadership,’ Senators Denounce Wells Fargo’s John Stumpf

How Tesla and Apple Could Be Good for Each Other

F.D.A. Approves Muscular Dystrophy Drug That Patients Lobbied For

Why So Many Business Leaders Are Tiptoeing Around Donald Trump

Spin Class Full? Feel the Burn From Your Living Room

Packing Tips From Professional Travelers

Science and Technology

New York Passes Law to Curb Airbnb Rentals

David Bunnell, a Founder of Tech Magazines PC World and Macworld, Dies at 69

Nintendo Switch Reaches for a New Market With Home-and-Mobile Console

Microsoft Shares Hit a High With Promise of the Cloud’s Profit Margins

No Signal From Mars Lander, but European Officials Declare Mission a Success

Whoever Wins the White House, This Year’s Big Loser Is Email

Google Pixel Review: Assessing the New Smartphone

How Silicon Valley Treats a Trump Backer: Peter Thiel

Airbnb Proposes Cracking Down on New York City Hosts

ExoMars Mission to Join Crowd of Spacecraft at Mars

Yahoo Says Traffic Rose Despite Hacking That Could Alter Verizon Deal

Daily Report: Google Pixel and the New Long Game

How the First Farmers Changed History

Specter of Trump Loosens Tongues, if Not Purse Strings, in Silicon Valley

Stepping Up Security for an Internet-of-Things World

IBM Is Counting on Its Bet on Watson, and Paying Big Money for It

Your Phone’s on Lockdown. Enjoy the Show.

Peter Thiel to Donate $1.25 Million in Support of Donald Trump

Zenefits, a Rocket That Fell to Earth, Tries to Launch Again

Answering the Call of the Election Season

Lessons in the Delicate Art of Confronting Offensive Speech

Do You Have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Here’s What to Do

Checking for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Greylock Partners Says It Raised a $1 Billion Fund

Free Broadband Initiatives for Poor and Rural Areas, With Eye on Future

Earth-Rattling Times at Samsung and Twitter

Police Use Surveillance Tool to Scan Social Media, A.C.L.U. Says

Police Use Surveillance Tool to Scan Social Media, A.C.L.U. Says

Twitter Is Said to Be in Continued Talks With Salesforce

Freeing the Gmail New Message Window

Telescope to Seek Earthlike Planet in Alpha Centauri System

Learning From Dogs as They Sniff Out Their World

Climate Change Blamed for Half of Increased Forest Fire Danger

A team of researchers scours the wilds of northern Alaska for Bombus polaris, a big bee that has adapted to the cold and that can teach them more about the effects of climate change.

Looking for a Choice of Voices in A.I. Technology

In a village in the Austrian Alps, Swarovski, which has been making crystals for more than a century, is refashioning itself as a tech company.

Salesforce Shareholders Besiege Possible Twitter Deal

Daily Report: Salesforce Has Had Its Eye on Twitter. But Why?

Twitter’s Fate: Marc Benioff of Salesforce Addresses Acquisition Talk

190 Countries Adopt Plan to Offset Jet Emissions

Yahoo Was Ordered to Search Email for Digital ‘Signature,’ Source Says

Sony PlayStation VR Review: The Best of an Early Crop

No venture capital, no Bay Area presence, no crazy burn rate: MailChimp’s founders built the company slowly by anticipating customers’ needs and following their instincts.

3 Makers of ‘World’s Smallest Machines’ Awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry

What’s the Longest Humans Can Live? 115 Years, New Study Says

Subpoenas and Gag Orders Show Government Overreach, Tech Companies Argue

Google Introduces the Pixel, Its Own Smartphone

Facebook Marketplace Goes Wrong: Sex, Guns and Baby Hedgehogs

Daily Report: Another Round in the Privacy vs. Security Debate, This Time With the Signal App

3 Who Studied Unusual States of Matter Win Nobel Prize in Physics

Poll Finds Deep Split on Climate Change. Party Allegiance Is a Big Factor.

U.S. Tech Giants Are Investing Billions to Keep Data in Europe

Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan Wins Nobel Prize in Medicine

Under Hawaii’s Starriest Skies, a Fight Over Sacred Ground

America’s Gray Ghosts: The Disappearing Caribou

Taking the Temperature Inside the (Feverish) Cloud

Next Big Tech Corridor? Between Seattle and Vancouver, Planners Hope

Google, Lagging Amazon, Races Across the Threshold Into the Home

Granting Shares for Fares: An Uber Rival’s Play for Drivers

Farhad’s and Mike’s Week in Tech: Interest in Twitter From Disney? Unlikely.

A Peek at Secret English Farm Where Amazon Tests Its Drones

Rosetta Spacecraft to End Mission by Sinking to Its Comet Companion

Salesforce Is Said to Question Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal in Europe

F.C.C. Delays Vote on Cable Set-Top Boxes

Trade Ban to Protect Pangolins: Enough to Save Them?

Defending Against Hackers Took a Back Seat at Yahoo, Insiders Say

Protecting Humans and Jobs From Robots Is 5 Tech Giants’ Goal

Virtual Reality’s Possibilities Lure Video Game Developers

How Those Wireless Emergency Alerts Find You

A High-Stakes Bet: Turning Google Assistant Into a ‘Star Trek’ Computer

BlackBerry Abandons Its Phone

Facebook Ordered to Stop Collecting Data on WhatsApp Users in Germany

Make the Mac’s Share Menu More Useful

An App to Help Save Emissions (and Maybe Money) When Buying a Car

Elon Musk’s Plan: Get Humans to Mars, and Beyond

U.S. Accuses Tech Firm Palantir of Bias Against Asian Engineers

So Now You Want Windows 10 …

For Rosetta, a Landing and an Ending on a Comet

How a Small, Family Forest Can Help Save the Planet

Pigeons Resist Misguided Leaders

Scientists Inspect the Great Barrier Reef, From 28,000 Feet Above

Ants Pick Morphine Over Sugar

A Choice Beyond Cable Box Rentals? It May Hinge on a Swing Voter

Phone Makers Could Cut Off Drivers. So Why Don’t They?

Farhad’s and Pui-Wing’s Week in Tech: Yahoo’s Hacking, Self-Driving Cars and the Future of Twitter

What the Hacking at Yahoo Means for Verizon

Take Extra Steps to Keep Your Personal Information Secure

Hackers Trawl User Data in Hopes a Small Target Will Lead to a Big One

Daily Report: Breach Extends Yahoo’s Long, Steep Fall

Yahoo Says Hackers Stole Data on 500 Million Users in 2014

Daily Report: Bay Area Claims Transport Center of the World Title

In the Wild, Goldfish Turn From Pet to Pest

Climate Change Threatens World’s Coffee Supply, Report Says

Victor Scheinman, Assembly Line Robot Inventor, Dies at 73

Here Come the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 Apps: What to Try First

Allo’s Tryout: 5 Days With Google’s Annoying Office Intern

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Pledge $3 Billion to Fighting Disease

For the Debaters: What Shall We Do About the Tech Careening Our Way?

Apple Is Said to Hold Talks With McLaren and Lit Motors

A Single Migration From Africa Populated the World, Studies Find

The 15-Point Federal Checklist for Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving Cars Gain Powerful Ally: The Government

A Lesson of Tesla Crashes? Computer Vision Can’t Do It All Yet

Laser Scans Unveil a Network of Ancient Cities in Cambodia

How Tech Companies Disrupted Silicon Valley’s Restaurant Scene

Organizing Your Thoughts With Note-Taking Apps

How Bad Is Your Air-Conditioner for the Planet?

Free Tools to Keep Those Creepy Online Ads From Watching You


After Almost a Century, Second Avenue Subway Is Oh-So-Close to Arriving

Arizona Dreaming: A Foreign Correspondent Wakes Up in the Wild Wild West

CMV Is a Greater Threat to Infants Than Zika, but Far Less Often Discussed

How to Clean a Dusty Picasso at MoMA: Use Your Spit

The Naked Truth About German Nudists

Jets, With Fitzpatrick Back at Quarterback, Top Ravens to Halt Skid

Giants Use Four Interceptions to Defeat the Rams in London

After 108 Years of Unfulfilled Yearning, Cubs Fans Are Taking Nothing for Granted

Fantasy Sports Companies Near Settlement With New York State

Cubs Banish Decades of Anguish From Wrigley

Cleveland Indians in 1948: A Story of Integration

Washington State’s Ambitious Carbon Tax Proposal

The Islamic State After Mosul

The Death Penalty, Nearing Its End

Struggling to Serve at the Nation’s Richest University

My Wife’s Killer Was Not an ‘Illegal Immigrant’

It’s Trump’s Party

Clinton’s Specter of Illegitimacy

Brazil’s Merchants of Death

A Modest Proposal to End Death in the Mediterranean

G.O.P. Hopefuls in New York Races Walk Tightrope on Donald Trump

Crows and Ravens Make New York Comebacks to Caw (and Cr-r-ruck) About

Victorian Cocktails and Medical Curiosities in (Where Else?) Brooklyn

A Brownstone and the Bitter Fight to Inherit It

Mosul, AT&T and U.S. Presidential Election: Your Monday Briefing

U.S. Election, Calais, AT&T: Your Monday Briefing

AT&T, Mosul, U.S. Presidential Election: Your Monday Briefing

Review: In ‘Do Not Say We Have Nothing,’ a Portrait of Souls Snuffed Out

Steve Dillon, Comic Artist Who Helped Create ‘Preacher,’ Dies at 54

Mark Leckey, No Longer Art’s Wunderkind, Is Now Its Wizard

Schoolteachers and others who pursue careers of service in exchange for modest paychecks get lightly regulated retirement plans that often charge excessive fees.

In Rome, Using ‘Roman Holiday’ as a Guide

The lakes and forests of Minnesota’s Boundary Waters transport you to a time when nature was not a thing at the edge of civilization, but a world unto itself.

5 Tips for Saving on Holiday Air Travel

Chelsea Handler Relaxes in an Unlikely Place: Trump Tower

There’s a thriving surf scene in Norway’s Lofoten Islands, where the waves are cold and the air is colder.

N.F.L. Scores: Seahawks and Cardinals Head to Overtime

Cubs Defeat Dodgers to Clinch First Pennant Since 1945

After 70 Barren Seasons, Cubs Reach an Oasis

Building workers sometimes lead second lives as artists, writers and musicians.

A beginner’s guide to decorating your home

The Siege Starts Without Warning

The Witching Season

The Media’s Moment of Truth

The Dangers of Hillary Clinton

Pardon the American Taliban

Don’t Dress Your Age

Can Trump Help Us Bridge the ‘God Gulf’?

A Chance to Unseat Marco Rubio

Men Need Help. Is Hillary Clinton the Answer?

If you really want Democrats to win in Iowa, move there.

How Maria Shabalin, a Star, Spends Her Sundays

Mark Duplass: The First Time I Fell in Love

Hurricanes like Matthew have laid bare the dirty secret of the National Weather Service: its technologies and methods are woefully behind the times.

A Silicon Valley dad decided to test his theories about parenting by turning his yard into a playground where children can take physical risks without supervision. Not all of his neighbors were thrilled.

Body cameras have been promoted as a solution to police misconduct. But the strange two-year saga of Seattle shows just how complicated total transparency can be.

The Israeli minister of culture and sports wants nothing less than an overthrow of the nation’s elite.

Letter of Recommendation: Choir

How ‘Bias’ Went From a Psychological Observation to a Political Accusation

Abbi Jacobson Didn’t Expect Hillary Clinton to Come on Her Show

A Snack Tray to Gather the Family Around

Out of ‘The Real World,’ a Relationship That Has Endured

The Malibu Juice Magnate

Cropped Out of My Own Fantasy

For a King of Night Life, a Sunny Bride

AT&T, Chicago Cubs and Mosul: Your Weekend Briefing

Y.A. Crossover

What’s Up With Those Voices in Your Head?

The Joy of Mass Intimacy: A Look at ‘Future Sex’

Bridget Jones’s Latest Movie, Now a Novel

Ulysses S. Grant: New Biography of ‘A Nobody From Nowhere’

8 New Books We Recommend This Week

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Premiere: Negan’s Victim Is Revealed

‘Westworld’ Season 1, Episode 4: Truth and Consequences

Mahershala Ali? You’ve Surely Seen His Face

Kevin Meaney, Veteran Stand-Up Comedian and Actor, Dies at 60

The former “Late Show” host on the liberation of retirement: shaving optional, shopping solo and coming to terms with a certain late-night feud.

‘Atlanta’ Walks a Line Between Magic Realism and Keeping It Real

Bob Dylan’s Silence on Nobel Prize Is Called ‘Impolite and Arrogant’ by Academy Member

The Mission to Save Vanishing Internet Art

Migrant Workers in Recreational Vehicles

Looking back, adults who took time off before or during college say they have no regrets.

N.F.L. Shows It Doesn’t Really Care About Domestic Violence

N.F.L. Stadium in Vegas Is About an Ego Boost, Not an Economic One

Cubs Are Hitting, Winning and Defying the Ghosts

Donald Trump’s Theories of Constitutional Interpretation

Bronx Science Student Arrested After Threat Over ‘Fight Club’ Article

Christie Aide Testifies She Thought Bridge Lane Closings Were a Traffic Study

35 Arrests in Long Island Gang Case as Another Body Is Found

At Trial, Etan Patz’s Mother Recalls Final Moments With Her Son

Baking Cookies in My Mother’s Kitchen

Yes! Foods may fight acne

‘Nasty Woman’: Why Men Insult Powerful Women

20 places to travel in your 20s

Tips for handling a toxic co-worker (and how to avoid becoming one)

Wanted: Women to Coach Female Tennis Players

Louisville’s Rick Pitino Claims Dominion, Except When Scandal Hits

N.C.A.A. Charges Louisville’s Rick Pitino With Rules Violations in Sex Scandal

Josh Brown’s Past Admission of Domestic Abuse Causes N.F.L. to Reopen Inquiry

With 3.1 Seconds Left, Los Angeles Sparks Seize W.N.B.A. Title

Nine Games Into the Playoffs, Dodgers Are Still an Enigma

Jon Lester, Unfazed by Antics, Brings Chicago Cubs to Cusp of World Series

Andrew Toles Goes From Frozen Foods to Dodgers’ Outfield

Why Hillary Wins

Torture and Its Psychological Aftermath

‘Too Bad You’re Latin’

The Death of Deborah Danner

Late-Term Abortion Was the Right Choice for Me

Katie McGinty, the Best Choice for the Senate in Pennsylvania

How to Repair Moral Capital

American Gut Check

Long-Toppled Statue of King George III to Ride Again, From a Brooklyn Studio

New York Today: Secret Rooms and Speakeasies

New York Attorney General Won’t Investigate Police Killing of Bronx Woman

Once Again, a No-Show Job Plays a Role in a New York Graft Case

Nassau County Executive Is Arrested in Bribery Scheme

Shootings of, and by, Officers Demand a Tightrope Walk From Mayor de Blasio

‘Moonlight’: Is This the Year’s Best Movie?

‘Fire at Sea’ Is Not the Documentary You’d Expect About the Migrant Crisis. It’s Better.

Trump Said Women Get Abortions Days Before Birth. Doctors Say They Don’t.

U.S. Election, Mosul, Wells Fargo: Your Friday Briefing

Nintendo, Duterte, Donald Trump: Your Friday Briefing

Trump, Mosul, Duterte: Your Friday Briefing

Election, Internet, N.S.A.: Your Friday Evening Briefing

Was That a Presidential Debate or a Pitch for Trump TV?

Review: ‘Black Mirror’ Finds Terror, and Soul, in the Machine

Kerry James Marshall’s Paintings Show What It Means to Be Black in America

Talking to Your Therapist About Election Anxiety

After a Fall, Then Another, a Devastating Diagnosis

Do Campaign Ads Matter? Donald Trump Offers a Rare Chance to Find Out

Another English Club Cracks Under Barcelona’s Pressure

Just Being Himself, in a Professional Women’s Hockey League

Jury Finds in Favor of Derrick Rose and Co-Defendants

He Can’t Drink, but Julio Urias Is Starting in the Postseason

Indians Defeat Blue Jays and Reach First World Series Since 1997

The Mighty Cubs Are Missing Something Crucial: Runs

Cubs Thrash Dodgers to Even N.L.C.S. at Two Games Each

Debate Analysis Fueled by Bottomless Rosé

The Decline of the West, and How to Stop It

Melania Trump Mimics Hillary Clinton to Defend Donald Trump

Marijuana Lights Up State Ballots

How to Ensure the Iran Nuclear Deal Survives the Next President

Donald Trump’s Contempt for Democracy

The Debate in One Scary Answer

The Debates Were a Failure of Journalism

Donald Trump vs. American Democracy

Bad Hombres, Nasty Women: The Presidential Debate in Song

Want an Old Piece of the Statue of Liberty? This Is the Man to See.

Police Commissioner Says ‘We Failed’ in Fatal Shooting of Bronx Woman, 66

New York Today: A Bavarian Bash

Lawsuit Seeks to Halt New York Subsidies for Upstate Nuclear Plants

Lawyer for Ex-Christie Aide Says She Was Made Scapegoat in Bridge Plot

Review: ‘Michael Moore in TrumpLand’ Isn’t About Donald Trump

Is It Time for Wonder Woman to Hang Up Her Bathing Suit?

During a Social Media Break, Kim Kardashian West Offers ‘More Me’

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Cleveland Indians: Your Thursday Briefing

U.S. Presidential Debate, Syria, Mars: Your Thursday Briefing

Election, Dodgers, Duterte: Your Thursday Evening Briefing

Mosul, Philippines, U.S. Presidential Election: Your Thursday Briefing

What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Rocky Horror’ and ‘Jago: A Life Underwater’

Review: A New ‘Rocky Horror,’ Stripped of Subversive Magic

Lady Gaga’s Stripped-Down New Album Fishes for Inspiration

Phil Chess, Whose Record Label Elevated Unknown Blues Musicians, Dies at 95

Smithsonian Seeks $300,000 to Save Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

How to form healthy habits in your 20s

How to stop your period

Review: ‘Sell/Buy/Date,’ Sarah Jones’s Futuristic Look at Sex Workers

Big 12’s Stasis Preserves a Broader Status Quo

Fed-Up Belichick Takes Screen Out of His Arsenal. (The Hand-Held One.)

An 0-3 Hole Is Huge, but the Blue Jays Have Hope

The Cubs and the Dodgers, vying for the National League pennant, share some surprising common ground.

Blue Jays Land Blow Against Indians and Promise They Have Fight in Them

Dodgers Shut Out Cubs Again and Take 2-1 N.L.C.S. Lead

Trump in a Bikini

The Terrifying Impunity of Brazil’s Riot Police

The Rap Sheet Against Sheriff Arpaio

The Billy Joel Defense

Taking On the Boys’ Club at the Art Museum

Social Security at Stake on Nov. 8

The Trump Afterlife

The Religious Right’s Trump Schism

Anti-Semitic Anti-Zionism

Police Cite Self-Defense as Sergeant Fatally Shoots Bronx Woman, 66

New York Today: Cooking for One

A Complex Case Tests New York State’s Expanded Definition of Parenthood

New Jersey Is Known for Cheap Gas. The Glory Days Are About to End.

Prosecutors Set to Walk Through Details of Etan Patz Case Once Again

Debate Course Aims to Help Rikers Inmates Lobby for Their Rights

In Bridge Scandal Trial, Prosecutors Liken Ex-Christie Allies to Film Villains

Federal Inquiry Into Mayor de Blasio Is Said to Focus on Whether Donors Got Favors

I’ll Take the Gray Lady for $2,000

A Legendary Pizza Maker Steps Away From the Fire

‘The Great British Bake Off’ Changes the Way the British Bake

Presidential Debate, ISIS, Arctic Surfing: Your Wednesday Briefing

Presidential Debate, Mosul, Putin: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

Mosul, Assange, Trump: Your Wednesday Briefing

Mosul, Obama, U.S. Presidential Race: Your Wednesday Briefing

Review: David Salle’s ‘How to See,’ a Painter’s Guide to Looking at and Discussing Art

Pearl Jam and Tupac Shakur Lead Nominees for Rock Hall of Fame

The Federal Government’s Latest Project: Squirrel GIFs

Those Lips! Those Eyes! That Stubble! The Transformative Power of Men in Makeup

How to Pick a Health Insurance Plan

No Joy in Football? N.F.L. Celebration Penalties Rise Sharply

Jake Arrieta Enters N.L.C.S. Carrying Fewer Innings and a Clearer Head

A Bloody Finger Sidelines Trevor Bauer Early, but the Indians Barely Flinch

Is This Election Over?

Your Questions for the Candidates, (Half) Answered

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Answer Your Questions

Why Trump Doubled Down on the Central Park Five

Who Will Speak for Haiti’s Trees?

The Power of a Dinner Table

The Government’s Addiction to ‘Secret Law’

The Big Companies That Avoid Taxes

Shameful Silence on Donald Trump’s Lies About Vote-Rigging

Refugees Need a Nation’s Better Angels

Nat Turner’s Skull and My Student’s Purse of Skin

Chappatte on the Mosul Offensive

Is the Election a Morality Play or Just Reality TV?

Another Big Step on Climate

One Family’s Struggle With Microcephaly, the Birth Defect Now Linked to Zika

What Would New York Police Body Cameras Record?

New York Today: Indian Summer

Helicopter Trip Becomes Another Stumble for Mayor de Blasio

Cuomo Declines to Appoint Successor for Brooklyn District Attorney

Ex-Christie Aide Says He Was Duped About Bridge Lane Closings

As Crime on the Subway Comes Down, Signs From an Earlier Era Do Too

I Hardly Expected My Letter to Donald Trump to Go Viral

Remembering Bill Cunningham

Mosul, Melania Trump, Michelle Obama: Your Tuesday Briefing

Mosul, CETA, Trump: Your Tuesday Briefing

Barack Obama, Presidential Race, Mosul: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing

Mosul, Duterte, Hillary Clinton: Your Tuesday Briefing

Review: In ‘More,’ Dispatches From Hell by a Human Trafficker

What’s on TV Tuesday: Anna Kendrick in ‘Mr. Right’ and Phi Slama Jama on ‘30 for 30’

Andrew Cyrille’s Late-Career Renaissance

Wall Street Dealmaker Says Professor Took Him for a Ride

102 Latin American Artworks, and a New Institute, Will Go to MoMA

A visit with the artist reveals him to be every bit as brilliant, confounding and heartbreakingly soulful as the pictures he makes.

Four thank-you notes to Michelle Obama, who has spent the past eight years quietly and confidently changing the course of American history.

The whirling dervish joyfully defies convention, whether it’s upending the traditions of Italian cooking or bringing pleasure into how we feed the hungry.

With “Joanne,” the inscrutable pop performer reveals her most arresting character yet: herself.

For more than 40 years, the Chicago-based artist has made it his mission to paint black figures into the canon.

New York Road Runners to Extend Doping Tests to Lower-Tier Races

Martina Navratilova Is a Trailblazer in Speaking Out

Colin Kaepernick Starts for 49ers, but Dividends Are Few Against Bills

Giants End a Dismal Stretch With a Win Over the Ravens

In Donning a Knicks Uniform, Joakim Noah Slips Into a Lifelong Dream

Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw Leaves Cubs Flustered in Game 2

Javier Baez, Cubs’ Riveting Second Baseman, Is Leaving Mark on Playoffs

Victims of Priests’ Abuse Face a Choice

Their Dark Fantasies

Our Feuding Founding Fathers

My Syllabus, My Self

My Asian Pussycat Parents

Millions of Men Are Missing From the Job Market

Just Like Trump, I Avoided Paying Federal Taxes

India and Pakistan at War Against Peaceniks

For Donald Trump, Lessons in Grace

Donald Trump, the Worst of America

Future Neighbor Will Tower Over Grand Central, but Allow It to Shine

A Veteran Con Man Works a New Crowd With an Old Trick

New York Today: Floodlights and Jerseys

In a Birthday Song for a Cherished Parrot, a Note of Melancholy

A 600-Year-Old Oak Tree Finally Succumbs

Saudi Women Vote for the First Time. What Did That Look Like?

Living as a Man, Fighting Breast Cancer: How Trans People Face Care Gaps

Mosul, Republican Party, Los Angeles Dodgers: Your Monday Briefing

Mosul, ‘Brexit,’ U.S. Presidential Race: Your Monday Briefing

Trump, Mosul, Republican Party: Your Monday Evening Briefing

BRICS, Mosul, U.S. Presidential Race: Your Monday Briefing

Righting Wrongs and Generating Attention for Art of the African Diaspora

Can the answer to what ails the global economy be found in the people in blue vests at your neighborhood Walmart?

Beyond the Buffalo Wing in Upstate New York

A Grand Tour of Switzerland, Reluctant Son in Tow

How to Get a Good Deal on Flight Upgrades

How an accidental circumnavigation — with stops in Japan and Germany — awakened the spirit of exploration in me.

Oskar Eustis, the artistic director of the Public Theater, helped create “Hamilton.” But alongside that triumph came personal tragedy.

Her new play, “Notes From the Field,” looks at crime, education and the Baltimore she left behind.

The reverend’s intellectualism and distinctive brand of man-up Christianity draws a wide audience to his church, the largest in New York.

A Onetime BuzzFeed Wunderkind, Now at CNN

Bangladeshi immigrants form bonds in high school while spreading the game in their adopted country.

Premier League Pioneer Reaches a Somewhat Hostile Destination

N.F.L. Scores: Colin Kaepernick Throws Touchdown for 49ers

Houston’s Coach Pecks Away at Football’s Macho Culture, a Kiss at a Time

Dennis Byrd, Former Jets Player, Is Killed in Car Crash in Oklahoma

In a Pioneering Moment for the W.N.B.A., Players Unite in Protests Over Injustices

Indians’ Future May Rest in the Hands of Their Young Shortstop Francisco Lindor

Cleveland Indians, With a Surprise Starter, Silence the Toronto Blue Jays Again

With a Little Luck for a Change, the Cubs Amassed a Fortune

Dodgers’ Late-Inning Gamble Backfires in Cubs’ Timely Grand Slam

New York’s Secret Doors and Hidden Rooms

Why Chinese Women Still Can’t Get a Break

Why You Should Bet Against Your Candidate

A week in the borderlands with migrants and guards.

The Other Campaign Madness: Mega-Donors

The E.U. Should Stick to Its Guns on Brexit

The Authentic Power of Michelle Obama

‘Only White People,’ Said the Little Girl

Michelle Schools Donald Trump

Is It Time to Desegregate the Sexes?

In Defense of the Religious Right

If Hillary Clinton Groped Men

How to Get Away With Doping

How to Be a Man in the Age of Trump

How Cats Evolved to Win the Internet

Head Trauma Haunts the Gridiron

Foreign Spouse, Happy Life

Nostalgia for the Grace of George H.W. Bush

Donald Trump and Other Animals

Pedals the Walking Bear Said to Be Killed by a Hunter in New Jersey

Misogyny Is Back. Did It Ever Go Away?

In Sagaponack, Betting the Farm on Boutique Vodka

How Julia Wolfe and Michael Gordon, Workaholic Composers, Spend Their Sundays

Everybody Hates a Winner: A Brooklyn High School Football Coach Inspires and Exasperates

Amid a Sunken Forest, Fire Island Reveals its Wild Side

How ‘The Birth of a Nation’ Silences Black Women

‘Carrie’ Is Back. Like a Bloody Hand From the Grave.

Anna Kendrick: Movie Star. Twitter Star. Ready for More.

What’s Really Behind Trump’s Obsession With Clinton’s ‘Stamina’?

Through her spare, often uncomfortably observant movies, the filmmaker tells the stories of women moving through an uneasy world.

When Larycia Hawkins, the first black woman to receive tenure at Wheaton College, made a symbolic gesture of support for Muslims, the evangelical college became divided over what intellectual freedom on its campus really meant.

Russell Moore Can’t Support Either Candidate

How Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Is Connecting Playing Fields to the Streets

Inside the final weeks of Hillary Clinton’s cautious — and surprisingly risky — campaign.

Like many of my friends, I spent years using prescription stimulants to get through school and start my career. Then I tried to get off them.

The Gift of the Goat Sealed the Deal

What’s Love? Don’t Ask the Answer Couple

Meet CoverGirl’s New Cover Boy

The Art of Making (and Not Making) Plans

Battle of the Sexes

What to Cook This Week

U.S. Presidential Race, Chicago Cubs, Yemen: Your Weekend Briefing

Questioning Gender Amid a Chaotic East Village Childhood

New Memoirs Show How the Other Half Lives

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Close Relationship With the Journalist Lorena Hickok

7 New Books We Recommend This Week

Billie Joe Armstrong: A Punk Seeks Serenity Inside the Chaos

The Black Panther Party is often associated with armed resistance, but one of the most potent weapons in its outreach was its artwork.

Photographs of Desperate Shadows Cast by the California Sun

He’s a Ballet Dancer. And a Singer. And a Drag Queen.

U.S. Athletes Reassured After New Russian Hack

Is It a Risk for the 49ers to Start Colin Kaepernick? Not Anymore

The Nationals Can’t Escape Their Sad Endings

By Limiting Damage, Indians Get off to a Fast Start Against the Blue Jays

There’s Such a Thing as Too Much Neuroscience

The Coming Battle for Mosul

In Race for Millennials, It’s Time to Speed Up

How Dictatorships Are Born

Help Teachers Before They Get to Class

Bhumibol, a King of the People, Leaves Them to the Generals

‘I Regret Not Standing Up to Him for That’

Judge Dismisses Suit Against Gun Maker by Newtown Victims’ Families

In New York City, Hundreds Become U.S. Citizens Just in Time to Vote

For New York’s Foulest Waterways, a Seat of Dubious Honor

De Blasio’s Police Reform Pledges May Burden His Re-election Bid

De Blasio Calls for Change in Law That Blocks Release of Police Disciplinary Actions

Bob Dylan and New York: A Complicated, Fertile Romance

What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Captain Fantastic’ and Emily Blunt on ‘S.N.L.’

Prince Tribute Puts the Hometown Hero Ahead of the Superstar

The Playlist: Pusha T Spurns the Doubters and Kendrick Lamar Tempts the Critics

Bob Dylan 101: A Harvard Professor Has the Coolest Class on Campus

The Fear of Having a Son

My 10 Favorite Books: Kehinde Wiley

Games like FIFA that were designed to reflect the sport’s reality have helped alter it, influencing professional players and front offices.

FIFA to Decide on Expanding the World Cup in January

Fresh-Faced Rangers Beat Islanders Before an Audience of Legends

An Unlikely N.F.L. Collision, Between Protest and Politics

Dodgers Rally Past Nationals and Advance to N.L.C.S.

Clayton Kershaw Saves a Game and Perhaps a Season

The Perpetual Panic of American Parenthood

The Man Blocking Peace in Colombia

The Beauty of Big Books

Erick Erickson: The G.O.P. After Donald Trump

Donald Trump vs. a Free Press

Race, and the G.O.P.’s Future

Burning Down the House

Bob Dylan, Master of Change

U.S. Elections, Syria, Bob Dylan: Your Friday Briefing

Seizing the Moment to Save a Child Under Attack on the Subway

Police Department’s Body Camera Contract Fuels a Fierce Rivalry

New York Today: Final Call for Voters

The swift decline of one of the nation’s busiest commuter railroads is a story of neglect and mismanagement, and ominous for mass transit systems across the country.

New York Council Speaker Reveals She Was Sexually Abused

Criminal Complaint Against Gov. Chris Christie in Bridge Case Can Move Forward

Bombing Suspect Pleads Not Guilty in Shootout With New Jersey Officers

Baby Dies After Fall in Elevator Shaft at Troubled Brooklyn High-Rise

Review: In ‘The Accountant,’ Ben Affleck Plays a Savant With a Dark Secret

Anatomy of a Media Conspiracy

After Donald Trump, Will More Women Believe Their Own Stories?

A New Zika Zone in Miami, but No Reason to Panic, Scientists Say

‘Brexit,’ Trump, Bob Dylan: Your Friday Briefing

Clinton, Trump, Cuba: Your Friday Evening Briefing

Thai King, Duterte, Bob Dylan: Your Friday Briefing

Review: The Anti-Clinton Brigade’s Four-Letter Word Obsession

Bob Dylan the Writer: An Authentic American Voice

What’s on TV Friday: ‘Goliath’ and ‘Haters Back Off!’

Bob Dylan, the Musician: America’s Great One-Man Songbook

Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature

Dario Fo, Whose Plays Won Praise, Scorn and a Nobel, Dies at 90

At ‘Doomocracy,’ It’s Fright Night in Brooklyn

Klimt’s Women, Real and on Canvas

What Politicians’ Reactions to the Trump Video Reveal About Sexism

The Savvy Person’s Guide to Reading the Latest Polls

How One 19-Year-Old Illinois Man Is Distorting National Polling Averages

Russian Olympic Chief to Step Down; Putin Hints at Other Changes

Giants Host Senator Cory Booker at Internal Meeting on Race Relations

Judge Rules Derrick Rose Case Will Continue

Cleveland Indians, a School for Executives, Face Mark Shapiro, a Top Alumnus

In the Cubs’ Clubhouse, No Worries About a Curse or a Goat

What Donald Trump Is Right About

The Spy We Forgot

The Obsession With Panda Sex

India’s Eternal Inequality

How the U.N. Can Save Aleppo

Donald Trump’s Toxic Masculinity

Donald Trump’s Scary Election Day Gambit

Donald Trump, Unshackled and Unhinged

Can the Democrats Resurrect the Middle Class?

And Now, the Good News Is …

U.S. Elections, Wells Fargo, Nobel Prize: Your Thursday Briefing

WikiLeaks Emails Show Mayor de Blasio Venting at and Appealing to Clinton Campaign

New York Today: The Trouble With N.J. Transit

New York to Pick Start-Up Over the Industry Leader for Police Body Cameras

Retrial in Etan Patz Case Starts With a Tough Question: Who Can Sit on the Jury?

F.B.I. Takes Over Investigation Into Fatal Plane Crash in Connecticut

As Others Flee, New York’s Republican Senate Hopeful Sticks by Donald Trump

10 Black Employees at New York Fire Department Cite Bias

Remembering Andrzej Wajda, Unflinching Observer of Modern Poland

Rowan Blanchard: The Unlikely Evolution of a Disney Star

Fashion Becomes a Victim of Its Own Oversharing

Calais, Yemen, CETA: Your Thursday Briefing

Bob Dylan, Donald Trump, Michelle Obama: Your Thursday Evening Briefing

Brexit, Syria, Thai King: Your Thursday Briefing

Lil Wayne’s Album Is Stalled. His Opinions Are Still Flowing.

The Latest Celebrity Diet? Cyberbullying

Actually, Many ‘Inner Cities’ Are Doing Great

Putin Proposes Distinct Category for Athletes on Drug Exemptions

Thorny Issues Divide U.S. Soccer, and Its Fans

N.H.L. Trades Muscle for Pumped-Up Pace

Glitz on the Gowanus: Pro Athletes Now Live in Brooklyn

Dodgers Go From Awe (Kershaw) to Anguish (Bullpen) to Survival (Game 5)

Joe Maddon Makes Most of Unconventional Moves

Cubs Oust Giants to Reach N.L.C.S., for Once on Good Side of a Big Rally

Cubs Lose, but It’s Too Early for Ghosts to Rise

Venezuela in a Vise

Trump and the Nuclear Keys

The Beach Boondoggle

Putin in Syria: Chechnya All Over Again

L.A.’s Quest to Cut Fossil Fuels

Donald Trump’s Weird World

I Have Diabetes. Am I to Blame?

Daughters and Trumps

Can the U.S. Win This Election?

The Republican Inferno

Solving the Riddle of the Slovenian Sphinx and the Pussy Bow

New York Today: Nets Players, Moving to Brooklyn

For Hindus on Long Island, a New Temple 3 Decades in the Making

As Silence Follows Bronx Mother’s Killing, Commissioner Focuses on Trust

Lawyer Says Ex-Aide and Christie Spoke of Bridge Plot Beforehand

Now Hiring: Under de Blasio, New York’s Government Grows to Record Level

Cuomo Insider, Caught in Albany Corruption Case, Leaves Post at SUNY

Review: ‘Tower,’ About 1966, Before Mass Shootings Became Routine

The Modern Love Podcast: Constance Wu Reads ‘Marry a Man Who Loves His Mother’

Making Sous Vide Simplify Work for You

20 Wines for Under $20: The Fall Edition

Your Wednesday Briefing

Donald Trump, Samsung, Chicago Cubs: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

Elena Ferrante’s Picture Book Embraces the Dark Side

What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘We Will Rise’ with Michelle Obama and ‘Justin Timberlake + the Tennessee Kids’

The Man Musicians Call When Two Tunes Sound Alike

Spending More Just to ‘Save’ Money Is a Self-Defeating Strategy

I’m a Doctor. If I Drop Food on the Kitchen Floor, I Still Eat It.

Donald Trump Probably Stanched His Losses, but Didn’t Seem to Gain

Britain’s Economy Was Resilient After ‘Brexit.’ Its Leaders Learned the Wrong Lesson.

I’ve slept on it, and I’m sure. “A 24-Decade History of Popular Music” is sublime.

Hurricane Matthew Blows Away Couples’ Wedding Plans

What Exactly Is ‘Locker-Room Talk’? Let an Expert Explain

Premier League Stars Score the Goals. He Scores Everything Else.

Tiger Woods Postpones Return, Saying He’s ‘Not Ready to Compete’

Indians Sweep Aside Ortiz’s Last Bit of Magic

Giants Prevail in a Marathon Thriller and Prevent a Sweep by the Cubs

Why’d You Do That? Printing Donald Trump’s Vulgarities

On Sex and Power in the Campaign, From the Women Who Cover It

For Better Citizenship, Scratch and Win

Donald Trump’s Sad, Lonely Life

Count Trump Among the Takers

America’s Moral Duty in Yemen

A Great Fight of Our Times

New York Today: Our Past in Pencils

In Bridgeport, Property Values Plummet, but Taxes Soar for Some

‘Go Back to China’: Readers Respond to Racist Insults Shouted at a New York Times Editor

For New York City’s Homeless Children, Getting to School Is the Hard Part

Despite Ken Thompson’s Short Stint as Brooklyn Prosecutor, Agenda May Endure

Hillary Clinton Aides Kept de Blasio at Arm’s Length, WikiLeaks Emails Show

After Nearly 44 Years, and 3 Major Terrorism Trials, a Judge Leaves the Bench

Was it a Depressing Week in Politics for Women, or a Great One?

Why Doesn’t the United States (Finally) Get Rid of the Penny?

The Gray Gender Gap: Older Women Are Likelier to Go It Alone

Is Ralph Lauren Going to Be Hillary Clinton’s Dresser in Chief?

Trump, Clinton, Samsung: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing

Samsung, U.S. Election, Cleveland Indians: Your Tuesday Briefing

Review: Elena Ferrante Wants Privacy. Her New Book Implies Otherwise.

Was That a Debate? Or Were the Candidates Just Trying to Go Viral?

Solange Edges Out Bon Iver to Secure Her First No. 1 Album

Coke and Pepsi Give Millions to Public Health, Then Lobby Against It

The question is surprisingly fraught, but the answer is simple.

For Cubs Fans, Enemy Home Runs Come With a Duty: ‘Throw. It. Back.’

The nation’s game-fixing scandal from 2006 to 2009 ruined careers and shamed many of those involved into hiding. Two star players share how they have sought to redeem themselves.

Rosberg Widens Lead With Victory in Japanese Grand Prix

The Presidential Debate in Song: Who’s Gonna Work It Out?

An Open Letter to the Woman Who Told My Family to Go Back to China

Tallying the Toll of a Staten Island Drug Wave in Flowers for Funerals

New York Today: Mourning a Brooklyn Attorney

33 Injured in Collision of L.I.R.R. Trains

Ken Thompson, Brooklyn District Attorney, Dies After Disclosing Cancer

In Race of Bike Messengers, Potholes and Bad Manners Can Be Costly

A Divisive President at City College, and a Long List of Personal Expenses

‘The Birth of a Nation’ Struggles at the Box Office

Andrzej Wajda, Towering Auteur of Polish Cinema, Dies at 90

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Samsung: Your Monday Briefing

Donald Trump, Florida, Nobel Prize: Your Weekend Briefing

Review: Paul McCartney and Neil Young Share a Bill, and Some Songs

How Donald Trump Could Send Republicans Crashing Down

How to Have a Luxury Vacation for Less

The architectural treasures scattered throughout the city are no skyscrapers, but they still soar.

Backstage and Now the Boss: ‘The Only Girl in the Building’

Women’s Table Tennis World Cup Debuts in the United States

I.O.C. Expands WADA’s Authority to Lead Antidoping Efforts

N.F.L. Scores: Tom Brady Has Patriots Rolling in Cleveland

Anxiety and excitement are in the air in Chicago with the Cubs still seeking their first World Series title since 1908.

Keeping It Local

Showgirls, Pastrami and Candor: Gloria Steinem’s New York

When Rebecca Hall First Got This Script, She Hid It

The Real Message in Ang Lee’s Latest? ‘It’s Just Good to Look At’

Why Are Politicians So Obsessed With Manufacturing?

How Republican Politicians Learned to Love ‘Working Mothers’

Aasif Mandvi Knows How to Make America Great Again

An Opera Star Finds the Right Duet

Pets on Pot: The Newest Customer Base for Medical Marijuana

When Trump vs. Clinton Becomes a Family Affair

Awkward Sex, Onscreen and Off

What to Cook This Week

In Juan Gabriel Vásquez’s Novel, a Political Cartoonist Answers to the Past

How a Man Defied a Rough Childhood to Rise to Opera Stardom

Can You Be Black and Republican?

‘The Bitch in the House’ Has a Sequel: ‘The Bitch Is Back’

8 New Books We Recommend This Week

The photographer returns to her most personal project with new subjects, a new touring exhibition and a new mentor: Gloria Steinem.

How to Improve Your Retirement Income if You Haven’t Saved

A Guide to Getting Rid of Your Big-Bank Checking Account

How Trump and Clinton Can Interpret This Jobs Report

United States Men Win in Cuba in a Tuneup for Mexico

Competing in World Cup qualifying matches for the first time, Kosovo’s soccer team finds a politically fraught landscape.

Costa Rican Soccer Official Pleads Guilty in FIFA Corruption Case

Grand Prix Drivers May Race Like Their Jobs Are on the Line

Coloradan Finds a Rugby Home Where the Sport Is King

Cubs’ Jon Lester Shuts Door on Giants, Who Once Came Knocking for Him

‘Obviously, Marital Vows Mean Nothing to Him’

President of City College Quits Abruptly Amid Scrutiny of Her Finances

Move Over, Rats. New York Is Planning an Underground Park.

Donald Trump: King of the Old Boys’ Club, and Perhaps Its Destroyer

Let’s Talk a Millennial Into Getting a Flu Shot

Letterman Has No Love for ‘Damaged’ Trump

The Playlist: Bruno Mars Gives His Funk a Flashy Makeover

Review: Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones, Electric, Not Just Nostalgic, at Desert Trip

Your Surgeon Is Probably a Republican, Your Psychiatrist Probably a Democrat

We’re All a Little Biased, Even if We Don’t Know It

Review: ‘Holiday Inn’: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Recycled Movie

A Mets Season of Illogical Success Finally Comes to an End

Asian-American Fighters Return to Ancestral Homelands, and Find Fans Waiting

How Powerful Will the Next Vice President Be?

Train Was Traveling at Twice the Speed Limit Just Before Hoboken Crash

New York Today: How to Meditate on Your Commute

New York Burial Plots Will Now Allow Four-Legged Companions

New York Archdiocese Offers Compensation Program for Sexual Abuse Victims

De Blasio Snubs New York Post Reporter and Calls Paper a ‘Right-Wing Rag’

Jessica White died shielding her children from gunfire on a Bronx playground in June. Few witnesses have emerged, frustrating overworked detectives, and her killer eluded the police.

Auto Shop Owners Forced Out of Willets Point Struggle to Rebuild in the Bronx

A Raw Deal for Chickens, as Jews Atone for Sins

Review: ‘Voyage of Time,’ the Cosmology of Terrence Malick (the Short Version)

Review: In ‘The Girl on the Train,’ a Boozy Emily Blunt Never Winks

Review: In Nate Parker’s ‘The Birth of a Nation,’ Must-See and Won’t-See Collide

What Happened to North Carolina?

In a Montana Bear Attack, Lessons on Hope, Survival and First Aid

Solange Knowles’s Stylist Will Do Anything to Hunt Down a Look

Newly married at 60, the actor who knows how to deliver a one-liner throws himself into a fast-talking comedy. But there are darker roles ahead.

Kevin Hart’s Fashion Sense Is No Joke

The Rise of the ‘Bromosexual’ Friendship

What to Cook This Weekend

Hurricane Matthew, Nobel Peace Prize, ‘The Birth of a Nation’: Your Friday Briefing

Review: ‘All That Man Is,’ and a Lot He Is Not, in David Szalay’s View

Range Is All the Rage in Paris, as Electric Cars Steal the Show

A Mother Criticizes Vince Staples, and the Rapper Defends Her

Desert Trip Festival Woos Classic Rock Fans (Emphasis on ‘Classic’)

‘Doomocracy’ Puts the Politics of Fear on Display in Brooklyn

A Letter to the Doctors and Nurses Who Cared for My Wife

How I Created My Very First Garden From Scratch

The Home Designers Who Actually Move In

You’ll Find Me in My Hammock, Inside

Maria Sharapova Claims Victory and Goes on the Offensive

Conor Gillaspie’s Big Blast Leaves the Mets Blanked and Blue

The Giants Rely on a Familiar Formula, and a Great Equalizer

Our Journey to the ‘Blacksonian’

N.J. Transit Changes Rules for Trains Arriving at Hoboken Station

New York Today: A City of Superheroes

New York State to Eliminate Cash Option for Paying Tolls

How the Berenstain Bears Found Salvation

Bowing to a New Life, in Tokyo

Why the Word ‘Fiancé’ Is Falling Out of Fashion

Kate Middleton’s Tour of Canada: A Designer Scorecard

Your Thursday Briefing

Vice Presidential Debate: How Do You Fact-Check a Headshake?

One of the Smartest Money Strategies Is Asking When You Don’t Know

A Single Concussion May Have Lasting Impact

Better Polling for Clinton, but Trump Is Still in Striking Distance

Union Boss (and Former Miss America) Hits the Road in ‘Fun Home’

Sarah Jessica Parker and Ta-Nehisi Coates, on New Literary Paths

Sharapova’s Case Shows How Unforced Errors Hurt Cleanup Efforts

With Court Ruling, Maria Sharapova Can Return to Tennis in 2017

Blue Jays Top Orioles in 11 Innings in A.L. Wild-Card Game

A Mets Fan’s Daughter Catches the Bug

A Look at Clinton’s Marriage Woes Raises a Question: Really?

‘We Are a Big Family’: Dealers Unite Against Thefts of Rare Books

New York Today: A Moment for the Mets

Objects From New York’s Buried Past Find a New Home in Midtown

Ken Thompson, Brooklyn District Attorney, Says He Has Cancer and Will Take Leave

Ethics Panel Investigating de Blasio’s Nonprofit Is Said to Issue Broad Subpoena

Ex-Ally of Christie Links Cuomo to Cover-Up of Lane Closings

Then and Now: Hollywood Remakes as Election-Year Players

Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen Likes It Hot, but Not Hellish

For Canadians, Thanksgiving Is a ‘Quieter’ Affair in October

Mike Pence, Tim Kaine, Toronto Blue Jays: Your Wednesday Briefing

Who Is Elena Ferrante? Supporters Say NOYB

How Do You Say ‘Email’ in Yiddish?

George Barris, Photographer Who Captured the Last Images of Marilyn Monroe, Dies at 94

The 4 Traits That Put Kids at Risk for Addiction

Teaching Your Child Emotional Agility

Donald Trump Trashes Nafta. But Unwinding It Would Come at a Huge Cost.

As Maria Sharapova’s Case Winds Down, Reduced Penalty Is a Possibility

Bob Bradley Lands Premier League Job, at Swansea

O’Bannon Ruling Stands, but N.C.A.A.’s Status Quo May Yet Collapse

France’s Hope for 2018 Ryder Cup: If We Host It, They Will Come

Vin Scully’s Last Time on the Air for the Dodgers Is Another Solo Flight

Nailing Down Trump’s Taxes

In Upstate Congressional Race, a ‘Classic Boxers’ Match’ That Is Virtually Tied

On Fire Island, a Scar From Hurricane Sandy Is Seen as a Good Thing

New York Today: An Ode to Opera

Donald Trump’s Business Decisions in ’80s Nearly Led Him to Ruin

Despite National Trend, New York Police Are Slow to Adopt Body Cameras

With a Single Baseball, Seeking to Connect All 312 Hall of Famers

Paris Fashion Week, Day 8: No One Goes Bigger Than Chanel

Vice-Presidential Debate, Haiti, M.L.B. Playoffs: Your Tuesday Briefing

Gloria Naylor, National Book Award Winner, Dies at 66

Review: In Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Kurios,’ a Frisson of Novelty

Bring on the Natural Wines

Daniel Ricciardo Wins Malaysian Grand Prix in a Red Bull Sweep

U.S. Captures Ryder Cup, Ending Europe’s Streak

‘Captain America’ Smites Rory McIlroy in Spirited Duel at Ryder Cup

One Season Ends and Another Begins: Baseball Playoff Matchups Are Set

‘They Keep Finding Bodies’: Gang Violence in Long Island Town Fuels Immigration Debate

N.J. Transit Engineer Has No Memory of Fatal Train Crash, Officials Say

New York Today: Celebrating Rosh Hashana

Men Who Found Bomb Were Following a New York Tradition

2 Friars’ Mission: Reviving a Brooklyn Church in a Religious ‘Dead Zone’

A Family Seeks Answers in the Other Manhattan Explosion

A Death on Staten Island Highlights Heroin’s Place in ‘Mainstream Society’

The Time I Found Donald Trump’s Tax Records in My Mailbox

Following the Scent of More Perfume Sales

Donald Trump, FARC, Ryder Cup: Your Monday Briefing

Reader’s Guide to This Fall’s Big Book Awards

Who Is the Real Elena Ferrante? Italian Journalist Reveals His Answer

Kim Kardashian Held at Gunpoint in Paris Hotel, Spokeswoman Says

Philadelphia Orchestra Ends Its Brief Strike

Neville Marriner, Prolific Musician and Acclaimed Conductor, Dies at 92

An $8 Million Arena Sculpture to Usher In Civilization 3.0

How to Save Money on Car Rentals

Fontainebleau: A Forgotten Treasure

Translating Shakespeare? 36 Playwrights Taketh the Big Risk

The Art of Condolence

N.F.L. Week 4: New England Patriots Start Jacoby Brissett at QB

Tiger Woods Opens Up at the Ryder Cup

Europe Closes In on U.S. in Ryder Cup’s Morning Session

To the N.F.L., 40 Winks Is as Vital as the 40-Yard Dash

Theo Epstein Is Making Lightning Strike Twice

Just When It Seemed the Mets Were Goners, They Weren’t

Mets Overcome a Season of Adversity and Claim a Wild-Card Berth

Is New York Ready for Solar Power?

‘If I Sleep for an Hour, 30 People Will Die’

What New York Can Learn From Barcelona’s ‘Superblocks’

N.J. Transit Was Under Investigation Before Fatal Crash

‘The Girl on the Train’ Takes the Fast Track From Book to Screen

Spock: Half-Vulcan. Half-Human. All Outsider Role Model.

What’s ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ Without Garrison Keillor?

The Conspiracy Theorists’ Election

Social Media Got You Down? Be More Like Beyoncé

Baltimore vs. Marilyn Mosby

How Donald Trump Set Off a Civil War Within the Right-Wing Media

For years, players have been valued for their hitting. Now a groundbreaking tool makes it possible to measure how much their defense contributes to a team’s success

Ana Navarro Wants Republicans to Stand Up to Trump

The Proposals Were Awkward (but the Answers Were Yes)

A Union Built in and on Stages

The Other Trump

Dear Dad: We’ve Been Gay for a Really Long Time

Brian Anderson, Skateboarding Star, Comes Out as Gay

What to Cook This Week

Stephen King Reviews Emma Donoghue’s Latest Novel

Anthony Doerr Reviews a New Book on Time Travel

9 New Books We Recommend This Week

‘S.N.L.’ Begins a New Season With Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

Is ‘Westworld’ HBO’s Next Big Hit?

For Orchestras in the U.S., So Much Depends on Their Communities’ Fortunes

Oscar Brand, Folk Singer Whose Radio Show Twanged for Decades, Dies at 96

Elvis Costello’s New York Soul

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4.1 Miles

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As New York Breathes Sigh of Relief, Bomb Victims Cope With the Aftermath

Ex-Cuomo Aides Charged in Federal Corruption Inquiry

Chris Christie ‘Protected’ Culprit in Bridge Lane Closings, Agency Head Testifies

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‘Keep an Eye on Him,’ Ahmad Khan Rahami’s Father Says He Told F.B.I.

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3 New York Corrections Officers Charged in ’13 Beating of Inmate

Agents Searching for 2 Men Who Found Bomb in Manhattan

Dead Shot Mary, Pistol-Packing Trailblazer, Returns in One-Policewoman Show

Port Authority Chief Testifies Christie Ally Pressured Him to Reclose Lanes to Bridge

Maternal Mortality Rate in U.S. Rises, Defying Global Trend, Study Finds

The Three-Decade Wild Ride of Supermodel Naomi Campbell Isn’t Slowing Down

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Fort Lee Officials Recall Chaos and Turmoil as Lanes to Bridge Were Closed

Federal Complaint Traces Ahmad Khan Rahami’s Steps Before Bombings

Bombing Suspect’s Hometown Is a Magnet for Immigrants

Ahmad Khan Rahami’s YouTube Account Listed Jihad Videos, Complaint Says

Ahmad Khan Rahami’s Father Told Police in 2014 His Son Was a Terrorist, Officials Say

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